Happy Monday: Week in Photos

18 Nov

After a much needed vacation from Cambodia and Bangkok, I started last week on fire.

On the business front, I submitted a total of 11 cases and presented to 2 prospects. Want to end the year right with this Prulife business.

H and I also celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last Thursday at Sofitel. We got to try the newly opened Spirale. The cheese and cold cuts room is to die for!
This is what my first two plates looked liked. Lots of cold cuts and cheese.

And my third plate …

They have an open kitchen format with 21 ateliers! Gosh, if you can just sit here the whole day and taste everything!
Happy 3rd wedding anniversary hubby!
We got a sweet little cake from Sofitel.


Also had Warren’s 14th month checkup last week. He had a weight increase of 0.6kg and 2 inches in height increase. Yahoo! We’re back to the 50th and 60th percentile, respectively.

Warren was already walking with minimal assistance when I came back. Here’s a picture of warren waking through the hallways of Cardinal.


How was your weekend? Just a few more days to go till a new year unfolds. Time to review my goal list next.



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