15 Feb

Interesting read. It really gets tiring for an entrepreneur after 5 or so years. It’s true! It takes the same amount of effort to get a new idea off the ground.

David Cummings on Startups

Recently I was talking to a successful entrepreneur who’s started and sold a number of businesses. I asked about any common patterns or takeaways from the years of startups. One of the most interesting insights was around his thoughts on the lifecycle of a startup and the idea of five years and out.

Generally, the idea is that by the fifth year of a startup, it’s often time to sell the business and move on unless it’s in breakout mode and growing fast. Rarely does a startup make it to the fifth year as most go out of business before then, but when it does, if it’s on a slow-and-steady growth path, it’s time to evaluate different options. Here are a few ideas around it:

  • Entrepreneur fatigue often starts to set in 5-7 years after starting a venture
  • Many startups by the fifth year still aren’t on the hockey stick…

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