The Week in Review

08 Jul

Last week was an extremely busy week for yours truly.

Warren started his first day in school last Monday and so yours truly had to be there in the first few days. Was extremely proud with how he handled himself in class. Yes, we enrolled him in a real school where he has to attend on a daily basis. Turns out, he’s the oldest in class! Can’t believe it! His youngest classmate is just 1yr and 2mos old. Are we turning to be tiger moms?



Mom celebrated her birthday last Wednesday as well. It was a small celebration attended by family. Unfortunately, wasn’t able to take pictures of the event.

We also had our Prulife Manager’s meeting at Brasserie 21 on the 21st floor of Security Bank in Dela Rosa Ave. Makati City. The place was a good discovery. Quite apt to conduct a meeting. Here’s a few pictures of the food we enjoyed.


Estimated budget per person is around Php1000 for soup, main course and dessert.

Half of Saturday was spent with our Prulife Unit family. As part of our mid-year planning, we had our members do their own dream board. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “If you Believe you can, you’re half way there!” And you need to be able to visualize what you want to have a direction where to go.


We spent part of the weekend with a nice couple friend binging on food cooked by Hubby and his friend. Diet GONE! Sunday was spent going to Active Fun with Warren, watching the Ateneo-Lasalle Basketball game and capping the week watching White House Down.







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