Simple Travels: Flying Emirates to the City of Love, Paris

05 May

This is my 2nd time to fly via Emirates. Last time was to go to Barcelona, Spain with a stopover in Dubai. This time, we are flying to Paris. Yes! Finally having the chance to visit the City of Love for the first time.

Having watched a show in one of those cooking channels that showcased how foods were prepared for the airlines, I was intrigued to see what Emirates has in store for this flight from Dubai to Charles de Gaulle (approx. 8hrs).

A continental breakfast was served. Loved the croissant which was served hot. Otherwise, the deli platter of beef pastrami and chicken breast was donated to my handy neighbor.


Lunch was a set of sweet corn and vegetable salad, choice of roasted chicken or fish biryani with banana hazelnut cake and a small bar of chocolate. What I loved most was the small box bite in the middle – cream cheese, sweet chili dye, table crackers and olive focaccia toast.



I’m writing this aboard the Emirates flight which provides for Wifi access albeit corresponding carrier charges apply.

Overall impressed with Emirates from the small services of providing hot towels to consistently asking for drink requests (beer, wine, cola, etc are free even for economy class).

Thanks for being patient with me. I know I’ve been a bad blogger and have not been writing dutifully for the past 6 months. Anyhow, tell you more about our Paris adventure soon. 🙂


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