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Simple Eats: Shiok

Craving for a place to eat lunch at the Fort area, we decided to eat at Shiok, a Singaporean restaurant at the Fort Forum building. Shiok, in Chinese, means cheap. This is typically uttered by Singaporeans who feel that the food has value for money. Since we’ve been frequenting this restaurant for sometime now, we knew what to order immediately.


Char Kwey Teow (PHP160)
This is your typical Singaporean dish and is a favorite whenever we’re in Singapore. Available in most hawker centers, this noodle dish can be ordered mild or spicy. We ordered their mild version. Thought the dish was smaller than how I remembered it to be. It’s still good though and I still love the chorizos!

Spicy Pineapple Fish (PHP150)
Love this dish! Spicy and sweet mixed in one dish.

Spicy Pineapple Fish

Quarter Hainanese Chicken (PHP245)

Again, thought this was bigger last time. Didn’t like how this was cooked though. Used to think they had the best chicken in town but this had me reevaluating it. The meat was dry and a bit overcooked. Will try their chicken at the Greenhills branch. Last time I ordered from there, the chicken was perfect. This is a quintessential Singaporean dish with its popularity spawning like mushrooms in the Philippines.

Baked Luncheon Meat and Egg Rice (PHP160)
Hubby ordered this. He didn’t like it. Tried the luncheon meat and it wasn’t bad.

Baked Luncheon Meat and Egg Rice

Nonya Laksa (PHP190)
The Singaporean version of our Binagoongang Baboy. Sans the fats and concern for high blood, this dish is lovely and worth trying.

Nonya Laksa

Shiok, Fort Bonifacio
01-05 Fort Forum Bldg., Bonifacio Stop Over, 31st and 2nd St, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 659-0094

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Warren Update: Guakong Visit

My dad visited Warren yesterday. It was good timing as Warren wasn’t asleep and his feeding time is still an hour or so after. Dad had a good conversation with Warren. He was playing some 60s to 80s music from his phone and Warren was listening and responding. Here are some pictures –

Talking to Guakong


My dad talking to Warren

Yaya in the background –


Cutie lips –

Looking at mommy taking his pictures –

Holding Guakong’s fingers –


You’re leaving already?

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Simple Eats: Kao Chi Restaurant

After a visit to Warren yesterday, Dad and I tried out Kao Chi Restaurant. Located in NS Amoranto, the restaurant is rather unassuming from the outside. The interiors are nice and simple (“chinese” style).

Since I just completed my Juju cleanse the day before and we would be dining at Tivoli in the evening, I wanted a rather simple lunch.

We ordered their Honey Glazed Spareribs (PHP188.00), Wine dunk chicken and pan fried dumplings. The first two were considered appetizers.

The taste of the spareribs is really good. Its sweet and addicting. The meat could be a bit more tender though.

Honey Glazed Spareribs

The wine dunk chicken is not bad, as well. The taste of the wine is a bit overpowering though but I liked it paired with my white rice.

Wine Dunk Chicken

The pan fried dumplings took a bit longer than usual but it was well worth the wait. The meat inside is freshly made. I loved how the dumplings are put together and presented. This one is a definite winner.


Overall, food was good. The place is clean and conducive for meetings. The price is a bit high though for short orders. The waiters are not all that knowledgeable in the food being served, as well. The restaurant is worth a try for the dumplings and other dimsum dishes.

Kao-Chi Restaurant
109 NS Amoranto,
Maharlika, Quezon City
4107788 4107799

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Warren Update: Temp Alert

One of my finds at the Alabang bazaar is this Temp Alert child’s clothes. Yesterday, we had Warren wear the one we just bought – long sleeve onesie and pajamas. The Temp Alert has a patch at the back of the clothes that detects heat from the wearer. If it goes up, the patch turns light which means the baby has fever.


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Update: Juju Cleanse Experiment

So, I made it through the day with just the Juju Cleanse! Surprisingly, I did not feel any hunger.

Woke up at around 730AM and followed the instructions. I drank the mint tea and followed it up with Juice # 1 (Green Bomb). It smelled like celery, alright. Since I’m used to eating vegetables and have tried the 7 green juice, this was no biggie. Finished the whole bottle in a few minutes.

I got to my one-on-one training by a little over 10AM and put out the 2nd bottle. This one had a slight kick to it. I think this is due to the ginger. Again, it wasn’t too bad, I gulped it up in a few minutes.

I met up with my brother at Chelsea. Had to control myself from trying out those crab pancakes and freshly baked bread. Got through my 3rd bottle without much fuss.

Lugging around my Juju cleanse bag in heavy rain, I took a cab from Fort all the way back to Makati. A few minutes after, I grabbed my 4th juice and drank it without problems.

My next juice was supposed to be at around 530PM. I thought I’d be able to return home before that time so I didn’t bring my 5th bottle. Unfortunately because of the rain, traffic was horrible and it took the driver more than 2 hours to arrive. By the time he arrived, it was already 630PM. Traveling all the way from Makati to our house took another 1.5 hours. Got stuck in a small street perpendicular to Aurora Blvd because of an accident involving an L300 and a car. By the time I arrived home, it was already 830PM. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t hungry.

Got my 5th Juju Cleanse bottle and again drank it with no problem. I think this is the same as the first one – Green Bomb.

By 10PM, I got the last Juju cleanse bottle. Amongst the 6 bottles, this one I didn’t like. This one definitely had a kick to it. Cayenne pepper? I forced myself to finish the whole bottle.

I’ll weight myself tomorrow and see if there are any effects caused by my Juju Cleanse experiment.

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Warren Update: Teething

Warren is in the process of thumb sucking already. Since we didn’t want him to make it into a habit, we tried giving him a teether. Based on the packaging, this is advisable for 3 months up and will improve his developmental skills (because of the various colors) and help remove his thumb sucking ways.


Here are a few more pictures of Warren this morning.




We cleared his skin using a combination of Kangen water and Physiogel. Looks to be working.

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Birth Preparation Classes

Just thought I’d share some pictures pre-Warren. These were taken during the last day of our birth preparation class with Chiqui Brosas-Hahn.




I thought for first time moms, the class was able to prepare me for what to expect at the hospital when the time to give birth is near. I was not caught unaware. The focus of the class was to promote natural birth and breastfeeding. On hindsight, I could have gone the natural birthing way though the epideural was definitely painless. Since my pain tolerance was a bit high, the epideural administered was in low dosage so I could still move my limbs (which was my worry).

I highly suggest taking a birth preparation class for first time moms. Definitely put my mind at ease.

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