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Simple Travels: Ohayo Gozaimasu from Tokyo, Japan

Yes, I’m still alive! Yes, this blog is still active. I’m currently in Tokyo Japan for a much needed R&R. Brought my mom along with me to this trip. Its been 3 amazing days in the land of Sakura. So much walking and yet there’s so much food. Can’t stop myself from getting a fill of those yummy Japanese rice, udon, ramen, katsus and more. Will share pictures and itinerary of this trip soon.  

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My Little Drummer Boy

The little boy who’s not so little any more (sigh!) has taken a liking to musical instruments specially with playing the drums and his xylophones. Aside from enrolling him in his regular everyday classes, I’ve supplemented his learning with once a week classes in Kindermusik. This Month’s topic is about Go and Move, moving with the rhythm of various musical instruments as well as expressing their feelings through body movements.

What has your little one been up to? How do you develop their potential talents?

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Simple Eats: Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel

Today’s breakfast at Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel is a laureat of Dimsum. Check out the food we pigged out on.











Yin Daeng Restaurant
3/F Guangzhou Hotel
Haizhu Square


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Simple Eats: Santouka Hokkaido Ramen

Lovely dinner tonight with Hubby and my Mother-In-Law in Santouka Hokkaido Ramen in Glorietta.

Ordered the Santouka Sets as it was more Sulit than ordering the ala carte. Personally, I thought a set is good for 2 people. However, not knowing this, we ordered 1 set each. A set consist of Rice, Chawan Mushi, salad, pickled vegetables and small sized ramen. Even ordered an extra Pig Cheeks and Boiled Eggs to boot.







I ordered a Tonkatsu set while hubby ordered the Ebi fry set. I must say that the Tonkatsu will give Yabu a run for its money. The sets range from Php450-Php650.

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Warren Turns 2!

Warren turned 2 last Wednesday. Hubby and I decided to just celebrate it at home with a few friends and family. Saving up for another trip to Disneyland with the little one so no big fancy birthday celebration. Plus, we thought that if we’re celebrating when he’s 2, it would be very impractical. Nonetheless, I had to decorate the place a little.

Since Warren is into Minions now with the latest movie and phone app, I decided to make that his party theme. I passed by Dom’s Party Shop along Tomas Morato and found 3 perfect minions to put around our house. Also had a photo wall printed from our shop. Bought a few balloons and put them around the place.


The photo wall was such a huge hit with the kiddo. He kept on posing for the camera standing in front of the photo wall. Even dragged a chair to sit on and posed for the cameras again. Here are a few pictures of him.






Of course no party will be complete without food! So, worked my magic and produced these food. Ordered Royal Mango Salad (Php495) and Chicken Pastel (Php990) from Conti’s. Ordered Fresh Lumpia and Fish Florentine from QCSC. Crab Sotanghon and Shrimps were courtesy of my dad. Also had Chicken Rice from Stevie’s.


Lastly, had a Minion cake (Php900) and cupcakes (Php40 each) made. It was so last minute! Good thing my friend was able to get his sister to agree. It tastes as good as it looks! The non-minion cake was provided by my Guama and aunts.




Happy Birthday Kiddo! Mom and Dad love you! 🙂


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Simple Travels: Korean Food

Today’s lunch was included in our tour. Consisted of traditional and delicious Korean food. The side dishes were of unlimited refills. For our main dishes, it consisted of 2 fish variety and 1 pork dish. The pork dish was so good that we ordered another serving (KRN15,000). The order turned out to be 3 times the size of what we originally had. Finished the food nonetheless. So yummy!







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Annyong Haseo: A First to Visit Korea

Annyong Haseo! Was trying to learn a few Korean words on the plane enroute to Seoul. However, the fatigue got the better of me and slept through the almost 4hr flight. I’m currently in Seoul for the Regional Agency Leader’s Conference of Prulife U.K. This is a huge privilege as only the top 6 unit managers nationwide are invited to attend. The flight was scheduled in an ungodly hour of 1230AM. We arrived Seoul dazed and tired but since check-in time was at 2PM or so, a tour was organized for us. All of my tour mates have been in Korea for more than 2x already. Hence, I’m the newbie in this tour.

After having a VERY early breakfast at Dolphin Seafood, we proceeded to check-out some of the spots in Seoul. Shopping was at the top of mind must do in this trip with Myeongdong being the final destination spot. However, were informed that Myeongdong was to open not earlier than 10AM. We decided to skip the Fish Market and headed straight to one of the 4 fortress walls setup during the Joseon Dynasty, the Namdaemun or South Gate. This structure was razed by a fire in 2008 and is currently be reconstructed and targeted to be completed this year.

After Namdaemun, we proceeded to Hanok Village where a select group went down to see the traditional houses and the items that can be found inside.






The rooms were remarkably small as the people at that time were small in stature.

Next stop? Seoul N Tower! The central part of the city. Going up the observatory provides a nice bird’s eye view of Seoul. Part of the attraction was the quiet ride up their 30sec elevator.



Outside N Tower was the famous love bridge with lockets tied around it.



Walking to and from N Tower was quite an exercise and we were all famished. Had my first taste of Bibimbap in one of the restaurants in a small alley in Insadong.



Insadong is lined with small souvenir shops and Korean restaurants. Perfect for buying Korean souvenirs to take home.





While the others went to Myeongdong for some retail therapy, we decided to crash in the hotel, Conrad Seoul.





A lovely cocktail / dinner was served in Sillah Hotel by PCA.





Till tomorrow! 🙂

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Singapore: SEA Aquarium

For the last stop of our short 4-day trip to Singapore, we visited what was touted as the world’s largest aquarium – S.E.A. aquarium.

The place has 3-levels. You start off with a mini-museum which is currently featuring an Omani Dhow, replicas of Chinese junk, Indian Dhow, Indonesian Borobudur ship and others. You pass by the 2nd level to make your way to the SEA Aquarium on the 3rd level.

The 3rd level is divided into 7 areas – Shipwreck Habitat, Discovery Touch Pool, Ocean Journey, Open Ocean, Ocean dome, moray eel and shark seas area. The place was packed to the brim. We just essentially walked through the first 2 areas.

I enjoyed the Sea Corals and the Jelly Fishes. You don’t need flash photography to take good pictures of the sea animals behind the aquarium or glass as they are well lit using ambient lighting. All pictures were taken using my iPhone Camera360 app.








This is the portion that made it to the Guiness World Record – the largest viewing aquarium.


Would have enjoyed it better without that much of a crowd. After the aquarium, we quickly headed back to Orchard road for some last minute shipping.

Till next time, Singapore!


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Simple Eats: Din Tai Fung, Singapore

I’ve tried Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, Shanghai and now in Singapore. Our wedding godparents treated us to a sumptuous fair of Dimsum and much more. The place had a long waiting line outside. They weren’t exaggerating when they said it would take at least an hour to get seated!

Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant which originated from Taiwan. They are famous for their Xiao Long Baos (small soupy dumplings). We were lucky to get to try more than just these. All were yummy. Enjoyed their fried chicken wings, pork rib soup and loved the date appetizers.






In front, you get to see how they do their famous dishes.



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Simple Eats: No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

When in Singapore, do what the locals do – Eat, Eat and Eat. Where did my diet go? It went out the door the moment we stepped into the island of Singapore.

One of Singapore’s well-known dishes is its Chili Crab. And of course, we had to try what people have been considering to be the best Chili Crab in the island – No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. We took the MRT going to their main branch located in Geylang road. The ride cost is SGD1.80 each.
Was a bit surprised to find an outdoor setup. Since we didn’t have reservations, we were escorted to another side of the restaurant.

Chili Crab: SGD50/kg
We were served a pretty big crab with lots of meat in it. The sauce was on the spicy and salty side. It was so-so for me. Actually, I preferred the one in Thailand, Somboon. Will try another restaurant known for their chili crab tomorrow.

No Signboard Beancurd: SGD20
Reminded me of the lomi sauce. Good combination of beancurd, mushrooms and vegetables.


Salted Egg Shrimps: SGD25
This was a nice dish. Loved the salted egg sauce.


All in all, the food we ordered was so-so. Hoping to try a better chili crab tomorrow. I personally prefer one that’s a bit on the sweet and spicy side.

We took a taxi going back to Orchard. The ride costed us SGD10.
No Signboard Seafood
414 Geyland Road


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