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Shop: Stuff for Warren

Spent a bunch of stuff for Warren today. Budget FAILURE. Since we’re selling stuff at Alabang’s Cuenca Center, we drove all the way to Alabang from Quezon City. The bazaar was rather poorly organized with lots of blank tables inside the main selling area. Good thing we were still able to sell some of our items so it wasn’t too bad for us. Anyhow, found these super cute clothes for Warren –

PRICE: PHP200.00

PRICE: PHP200.00

Left Alabang at around 5PM and proceeded to Rockwell. We went to the Moonlit bazaar located at the Rockwell tent. Found more stuff for Warren. Budget FAILURE again!

Tiny tots make cute onesies and clothes for kids! We bought the Ateneo onesie from them. We bought these 3 onesies for just PHP1000. Visit them at their Facebook or Multiply page.

I'm not Pooping, I'm just Thinking Really Hard

Tuxedo Sam

Saw this set from another stall. Thought that this is such a steal for only PHP400 for the set – a onesie, bib, jacket and pants.

We managed to buy gifts for the inaanaks at Toys R Us and passed by Gingersnaps. Drats! This store is full of super cute stuff catering to the pregnant woman, kids (boys and girls) and teens. I just love their designs and the way their clothes are presented. Their window display is definitely something to look forward to. Saw this shorts and had to buy it for Warren. Love the cargo buckles.


Shop: St. James’ Finds for Warren

Dr. Mom Journal (Price: php1500.00): This can be use till Warren is 16 years old.

Found these cute outfits for Warren. Bought sizes for 6months and 9months. They still look small. Will let Warren try tomorrow, hope they fit him!



Put the Santa’s sack under our Christmas tree.


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Shop: More Finds at St. James Bazaar

Managed to purchase gifts for 10 people today! Yehey! Finally getting some things ticked off on my Christmas shopping list.

Christmas is definitely in the air in St. James. Found these cute Christmas stuff at the bazaar –

Candle holders made from wrought iron. Check out the workmanship.

Wrought Iron

Gifts for the kitchen or cooking lovers –

Acclaimed by various Filipino chefs, this cooker cooks rice in just 5 minutes and adobo in just 30 minutes! Makes time in the kitchen very efficient. Price is at around PHP3100 (Manual).


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Shop: St. James Bazaar

Finally got to go around St. James Bazaar today. There are a LOT of good finds at the bazaar! Need to do my Christmas gift list already so I’ll know what to buy tomorrow or on Wednesday when the bazaar finishes.

We bought these today –

1. Personalized Santa sack: Bought one for each of us (PHP580.00 each). They stitch them on the spot. Thought this was such a great idea. Will probably take a picture with Warren inside it?

Santa's Sack

Santa's Elves

2. Totseat: The washable, squashable highchair. This can be attached in any sturdy chair and easily transforms it into a high chair. No need to ask for high-chairs in restaurants or hotels or drag or bring one while going out. Decided to buy this even though it can be used when Warren is around 6-7 months old. Bought one for PHP1400.00. Other newer designs are a little more expensive. Distributed by Hermanas Y Primos. Check them out at

Tot Seat

3. Papellazo: Hubby bought a Grocery List notepad from this store (PHP120.00). I’m such a note person and love listing things down. They have notepads for all possible lists – grocery, to do list, etc.

Papellazo Notepads

Here are some more things I found pretty interesting. Would definitely go back once I complete my list. 🙂

1. Polycarbonate lamps: Aren’t these great for my new office?


2. Fab Manila: Found this stall’s stuff to be so cute! I love organizers. The magazine rack initially caught my eye followed by the wallet organizers, jewelry case, and this sling bag in various colors! So cute! Will have to spend a little more time in the store to decide what to buy and what designs to get.

Fab Manila

Fab Manila

3. Phil. Dogtags: Dogtags engraved on the spot.

Dog Tags

4. Happy Hoodies: Cute and fun hoodies made by happy people. Comes in various designs. Might get these for my cousins. Visit them at

Happy Hoodies


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Shop: Warehouse Sale

Metro Kitchenware, distributors of Sunnex, Goody and Philips Avent, is holding a sale till tomorrow 2PM. The warehouse is located in Mac Abad, Bacood, Sta Mesa.

Here are a few of the items we found in the sale –





Their Philips avent products are on 20% off. Bottles without box are at 50% off. Aprica strollers are also at 25%-30% off. Sunnex items are at 10%-60% off! Goody items are also on huge sale.

Interestingly, I also found rootote bags and le creuset pans on sale in the warehouse.

I ended up buying a Sunnex Grill Pan and utensils with stand (php200 for 6sets w stand). Looking to make that grilled cheese sandwich this week. Hubby got out with more loot – roasting pan and a double side pan griller, among others.

Check them out early tomorrow!

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