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Simple Travels: Flying Emirates to the City of Love, Paris

This is my 2nd time to fly via Emirates. Last time was to go to Barcelona, Spain with a stopover in Dubai. This time, we are flying to Paris. Yes! Finally having the chance to visit the City of Love for the first time.

Having watched a show in one of those cooking channels that showcased how foods were prepared for the airlines, I was intrigued to see what Emirates has in store for this flight from Dubai to Charles de Gaulle (approx. 8hrs).

A continental breakfast was served. Loved the croissant which was served hot. Otherwise, the deli platter of beef pastrami and chicken breast was donated to my handy neighbor.


Lunch was a set of sweet corn and vegetable salad, choice of roasted chicken or fish biryani with banana hazelnut cake and a small bar of chocolate. What I loved most was the small box bite in the middle – cream cheese, sweet chili dye, table crackers and olive focaccia toast.



I’m writing this aboard the Emirates flight which provides for Wifi access albeit corresponding carrier charges apply.

Overall impressed with Emirates from the small services of providing hot towels to consistently asking for drink requests (beer, wine, cola, etc are free even for economy class).

Thanks for being patient with me. I know I’ve been a bad blogger and have not been writing dutifully for the past 6 months. Anyhow, tell you more about our Paris adventure soon. 🙂


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Off to Hawaii

Leaving this afternoon for Hawaii. Can’t wait to explore the beautiful beaches of Waikiki and get immersed with their Polynesian culture. More posts once we arrive. Heard we have free wifi in our hotel – Waikiki Marriott.

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Simple Eats: Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel

Today’s breakfast at Yin Daeng Restaurant in Guangzhou Hotel is a laureat of Dimsum. Check out the food we pigged out on.











Yin Daeng Restaurant
3/F Guangzhou Hotel
Haizhu Square


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Singapore: SEA Aquarium

For the last stop of our short 4-day trip to Singapore, we visited what was touted as the world’s largest aquarium – S.E.A. aquarium.

The place has 3-levels. You start off with a mini-museum which is currently featuring an Omani Dhow, replicas of Chinese junk, Indian Dhow, Indonesian Borobudur ship and others. You pass by the 2nd level to make your way to the SEA Aquarium on the 3rd level.

The 3rd level is divided into 7 areas – Shipwreck Habitat, Discovery Touch Pool, Ocean Journey, Open Ocean, Ocean dome, moray eel and shark seas area. The place was packed to the brim. We just essentially walked through the first 2 areas.

I enjoyed the Sea Corals and the Jelly Fishes. You don’t need flash photography to take good pictures of the sea animals behind the aquarium or glass as they are well lit using ambient lighting. All pictures were taken using my iPhone Camera360 app.








This is the portion that made it to the Guiness World Record – the largest viewing aquarium.


Would have enjoyed it better without that much of a crowd. After the aquarium, we quickly headed back to Orchard road for some last minute shipping.

Till next time, Singapore!


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Simple Eats: Din Tai Fung, Singapore

I’ve tried Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, Shanghai and now in Singapore. Our wedding godparents treated us to a sumptuous fair of Dimsum and much more. The place had a long waiting line outside. They weren’t exaggerating when they said it would take at least an hour to get seated!

Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant which originated from Taiwan. They are famous for their Xiao Long Baos (small soupy dumplings). We were lucky to get to try more than just these. All were yummy. Enjoyed their fried chicken wings, pork rib soup and loved the date appetizers.






In front, you get to see how they do their famous dishes.



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Simple Eats: No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

When in Singapore, do what the locals do – Eat, Eat and Eat. Where did my diet go? It went out the door the moment we stepped into the island of Singapore.

One of Singapore’s well-known dishes is its Chili Crab. And of course, we had to try what people have been considering to be the best Chili Crab in the island – No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. We took the MRT going to their main branch located in Geylang road. The ride cost is SGD1.80 each.
Was a bit surprised to find an outdoor setup. Since we didn’t have reservations, we were escorted to another side of the restaurant.

Chili Crab: SGD50/kg
We were served a pretty big crab with lots of meat in it. The sauce was on the spicy and salty side. It was so-so for me. Actually, I preferred the one in Thailand, Somboon. Will try another restaurant known for their chili crab tomorrow.

No Signboard Beancurd: SGD20
Reminded me of the lomi sauce. Good combination of beancurd, mushrooms and vegetables.


Salted Egg Shrimps: SGD25
This was a nice dish. Loved the salted egg sauce.


All in all, the food we ordered was so-so. Hoping to try a better chili crab tomorrow. I personally prefer one that’s a bit on the sweet and spicy side.

We took a taxi going back to Orchard. The ride costed us SGD10.
No Signboard Seafood
414 Geyland Road


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June Instagram Dump

Wow! We’re half way through 2013 already! Amazing how time flies! June was a month of first. Warren got to travel abroad for the first time and that definitely led to a lot of firsts for him. Compiled a few of my Instagram pictures for June.

1. Simple Travel: Hongkong
Spent the first weekend of June in Hongkong Disneyland with Warren. This was our first family trip abroad. First train ride. First bus ride. First roller coaster ride. A lot of first for Warren. He enjoyed the trip tremendously and the moments were definitely priceless.






2. Prulife: May was a spectacular month for our unit. We hit the company’s all time monthly high. Our unit was the company’s top unit for the month and for that month, we were the overall top unit. As such, our branch broke our previously set record which we celebrated with a sumptuous lunch at Romulo’s.




3. Simple Eats: Currently crushing on Wildflour which opened another branch in Podium. Love their version of pizzas which has a thin base of pastry crust. Their bone marrow dish is also sinfully delicious. The fattiness is nicely balanced by mixing it on bread and topping with salsa. A bit on the expensive side though. Be prepared to pay at least Php1000 per person for a combination of appetizer, main dish and drinks (coffee or their own drink list is a must try!).



4. Business: We participated in our nth Graphics Expo held at SMX Trade Hall. 3 days of marketing our marketing materials and machines.



5. Wedding: What better way to end the month with a wedding by one of my best friends. Best wishes again Ra and Raffy!



Excited for what July will bring! How has your first half of 2013 been so far?


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Simple Travels: Kyomizu Temple, Kyoto Japan

We started our Japan trip traveling to Kyoto to visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site – Kyomizu Temple. Enjoyed the cold weather which is a stark contrast to the heat in Manila before we left. Enjoyed the sights while walking to the Temple.


Hello Kitty Hello Kitty! Pretty in Pink!

Lovely handmade ceramics found in one of the small alleys going to the Temple


Part of the Prulife contingent
The main Buddha in the Kyomizu Temple
Fried cuttlefish
Japanese biscuits and souvenirs
Mom resting after our Kyomizu Temple tour

Watch out for the rest of our Japan pictures.


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Bonjour! Enroute to Savona

I’m on a leave of absence from this blog once again!

After my Japan trip with my mom courtesy of Prulife, I’m now sailing the Mediterranean seas with H. We went aboard at Barcelona Spain and cruised to Palma de Mallorca, Cagliari, Palermo, Civitavecchia (Rome) and now sailing for Savona, France.

Internet is extremely expensive on board so I’m saving them up for FaceTime with Warren.

Will definitely post in detail the sights and activities that we’ve been doing on this trip. It definitely is one of the most amazing trips I’ve had so far and we still have 5 more days to go till this grand adventure ends.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Cathedral of Palermo



St. Peter’s Basilica








Trevi Fountain


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Simple Eats: Endo Sushi | Osaka

Having been swamped at work for months, I wasn’t able to do any research on what mom and I would actually be doing in Osaka for our 2 day extension. Good thing internet at the hotels where we stayed were great. The day before we were to transfer to Hotel New Otani, I surfed a little and found Endo Sushi recommended by Tabemasu. I initially wanted to visit Osaka’s wholesale fish market since I heard it is comparable to Tokyo’s Tsukiji market which I missed during my last visit to Japan a few years back. Unfortunately, we were definitely tired from the previous day’s activity so we ended out trying their Kyobashi branch.

I was intrigued by this little sushi-ya as Endo Sushi has been in existence for more than a hundred years (est. in 1907). How could you go wrong, right? If we wanted to try the most authentic and best sushi in Osaka, this restaurant would definitely be it.

Since we had a full day itinerary ahead, we decided to have our sushis for breakfast at their Kyobashi branch instead of their original location at the Osaka Wholesale Fish Market. We were out the hotel by 930AM and on the way to Kyobashi Station via train. We walked a little going to Keihan Shopping Mall where the Endo Sushi branch was located.

The menus were all in Japanese though there were pictures for you to choose you order. We decided to sit in the bar counter to be able to clearly see the sushi master do his craft.

“Omakase, Onegai Shimasu!” Out came this sushi plate with 5 different varieties chosen by the sushi master. I ordered 2 orders each for mom and I. Especially loved the uni sushi and the toki sushi. Brush the tops of the sushi lightly with the brush dipped in shoyu. No need to ask for wasabi as the sushi master has put some already with your sushi. With how fresh the food is, there definitely is no need for wasabi.

This was my first plate –

A close-up of the Uni Sushi –

Mom all serious with her sushi plate –

This is my second plate –

You can order as much Omakase as you like. With 2 plates plus a few more pieces from my mom, I was full. Our total bill for 3 sushi plates was Y3150.00. Great price for great food!

Endo Sushi
5/F Keihan Shopping Mall, Kyobashi Station
Open hours: 11AM-10PM
Tel: 06-6352-5564


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