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Happiness comes in small packages. Lucky to be able to bring the kiddo to school on a regular basis.


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June Instagram Dump

Wow! We’re half way through 2013 already! Amazing how time flies! June was a month of first. Warren got to travel abroad for the first time and that definitely led to a lot of firsts for him. Compiled a few of my Instagram pictures for June.

1. Simple Travel: Hongkong
Spent the first weekend of June in Hongkong Disneyland with Warren. This was our first family trip abroad. First train ride. First bus ride. First roller coaster ride. A lot of first for Warren. He enjoyed the trip tremendously and the moments were definitely priceless.






2. Prulife: May was a spectacular month for our unit. We hit the company’s all time monthly high. Our unit was the company’s top unit for the month and for that month, we were the overall top unit. As such, our branch broke our previously set record which we celebrated with a sumptuous lunch at Romulo’s.




3. Simple Eats: Currently crushing on Wildflour which opened another branch in Podium. Love their version of pizzas which has a thin base of pastry crust. Their bone marrow dish is also sinfully delicious. The fattiness is nicely balanced by mixing it on bread and topping with salsa. A bit on the expensive side though. Be prepared to pay at least Php1000 per person for a combination of appetizer, main dish and drinks (coffee or their own drink list is a must try!).



4. Business: We participated in our nth Graphics Expo held at SMX Trade Hall. 3 days of marketing our marketing materials and machines.



5. Wedding: What better way to end the month with a wedding by one of my best friends. Best wishes again Ra and Raffy!



Excited for what July will bring! How has your first half of 2013 been so far?


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Simple Fashion: Plains and Prints Outlet Sale

Ho Ho Ho! Plains and Prints is on sale and not just your normal sale! They opened a pop-up store in Sct. Lazcano and all items are on Huge sale! Blouses for Php300 and dresses are for Php500. Plus, theyre pretty organized. Racks are classified according to size making it easier to choose and buyer. The place is also airconditioned. Check these out! It’s not yet too late. They’re on sale till Dec 9.




I was able to buy 2 paper bag loads of polos and blouses mostly from the Raf collection. Wallet empty but fashionably happy. 🙂

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Simple Travels: Marveling at Angkor Wat

Our day 2 tour started rather early with breakfast at the hotel at 630AM. We departed for a tour of the city at around 8AM. There were 3 major stops for the day – Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm.

Angkor Wat or City of Pagoda is the grandest of all Khmer temples. It was built during the reign of Suryavarman II and was dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It was said that Cambodians would visit this temple before getting married as Vishnu is said to be also known as the god of love. This is the largest sand stone structure in the World. The city is a sight to marvel as it was built in a span of 35 years using 4000 elephants along with hundreds and thousand pairs of human hands.

We were forewarned by the batch before us that the weather is extremely warm with the air being dry. Armed with a hat, an umbrella and LOTS of sunblock, I walked around Angkor Wat City for almost 2 hours (shopping included!).

First stop was getting our pictures taken for our tour passes.
Siem Reap-4-2

A manmade moat surrounds the city. We entered through this causeway where it is evident that this was built much later than the Angkor Wat structures.
Siem Reap-6-2

Siem Reap-8-2

This huge structure is what you’d initially see upon entering. We entered another entry hall leading deeper into Angkor Wat city.
Siem Reap-11-2

Siem Reap-9-2

A group shot of the China Jade group that adopted me in this trip
Siem Reap-12-2

Armed with tons of sunblock
Siem Reap-15-2

A shot of the hallways we passed through
Siem Reap-18-2

A closer look at the carvings on the wall
Siem Reap-19-2

Other structures leading up to the main edifice –
Siem Reap-20-2

Siem Reap-21-2

I thought these shots of mine of the main structure was rather dreamy. Enhanced my picture using Lightroom. What do you think?
Siem Reap-23-2

Siem Reap-25-2

Another group shot. Just noticed that I had TONS of sunblock on my face when editing pictures.
Siem Reap-26-2

Me and Angkor Wat. Haay … Tons of losing weight still need to be done.
Siem Reap-29-2

We stopped for a group photo at the above site. On our way to the main edifice, we saw some street vendors. More shopping to be done after the tour.

A Cambodian seller
Siem Reap-30-2

I thought this picture of the Bus 2 group in front of the Main Angkor Wat structure is quite lovely. The colors reflect the actual heat of the environment.
Siem Reap-33-2

Welcome to Angkor Wat!
Siem Reap-32-2

Entering the main edifice, we had to climb through reconstructed walk ways and stairs.

About to go up the first floor of the main edifice
Siem Reap-37-2

Upon entering, we had to go up a few more stairs to arrive at this hallway. The walls were lined with carvings depicting the story of Ramayana.
Doing a peek-a-boo shoot
Siem Reap-38

Here are a few shots of the inside of the main edifice –

One of the 4 basins in Angkor Wat
Siem Reap-39

Siem Reap-40

Siem Reap-41

Siem Reap-42

This is how massive one of the basins is
Siem Reap-44

Siem Reap-48

Siem Reap-49

Siem Reap-51

Check out the Buddha carvings on the walls
Siem Reap-53

Siem Reap-56

They opened 1 of the pagodas for visitors to visit. As we were running out of time, I didn’t climb up anymore. Here are some shots I took of the opened pagoda.
Siem Reap-58

Siem Reap-60

While waiting for the rest of the group, more pictures taken.
Siem Reap-61

Siem Reap-64

Next stop? Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm and a new shirt.


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Staycation: Of Remembering the Dead, Shopping and Family

It was a long staycation for us last weekend. 4 days of family bonding, tons of shopping and lots of eating.

It was a joy seeing Warren turn our room upside down in his pilyo ways from getting himself stuck in the trash can to dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tune. Our boy is growing up fast!

Last November 1, we visited and remembered my hubby’s loved ones who passed away and were rested at the Thousand Buddha Temple. We also visited my Grandma at Christ the King.

Then, in the afternoon, we were off to the Toy kingdom sale at Megatrade Hall where our wallets got a beating. Good thing we came at the right time. We still got to go around a few times and didn’t endure the tremendously long line when they opened it to the public. At least I’m done with Christmas shopping for some of my inaanaks.

Seeing Warren’s face with one of the toys we bought him was well worth the shopping and shoving in the sale.

It was also a slight reprieve on my South Beach Diet. Lots of coffee as Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf launched their 2013 planners over the holidays. Got to try Hossein’s and Slice at the Fort for the first time. Both didn’t disappoint. Also got to try Magnolia Ice cream House at Robinson’s Magnolia. The food was not bad but wasn’t able to try their ice cream creations.


How was the long weekend for you? Did you stay at home or went out of town or country?


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Warren and Mommy’s 1st Trick or Treat: Boo!

Warren and I had our first trick or treat at my bro’s law firm this week. The call time was at 3PM, so, before that, I met with my friend whom I’ve not seen for quite some time already at the nearby restaurant – Gustare. L brought her 8 month old daughter. More playtime with Warren and Mara next time?

We had Warren dressed in a Bumbleebee costume complete with wings and head gear. Isn’t the outfit cute on him?

All the trick or treat participants congregated on the 10th floor. I was told there was about 47 participants in this year’s trick or treat. Everyone was bedecked in their best Halloween costume. The youngest was a few months old baby who was cutely dressed as a caterpillar! 🙂

Mommy and Warren

Cute costumes

Ninjago won the best in costume!

Warren was also curious with Ninjago

A closer look at Warren’s costumes

Warren’s counterpart – a cute ladybug

I knew we would be getting LOTS of chocolates as there were 70 or more lawyers in their building but I wasn’t expecting that they’d go all out with their decors. We started on the 10th floor and worked our way down to 5th floor. It was bizarre though that Warren was more scared riding the elevator than with the scary costumes and the decors. I thought each floor was outdoing each other in terms of the costumes they donned and the decors they had. I was really just shocked at how good the decor and the costumes were! It was simply amazing! I’ll let you judge with some of the pictures I took.





This took it home for me! This for me was the best costume!




How was your Trick or Treat? We’re still joining a few more next week! Will post pictures soon! 🙂


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Happy Monday: Last Week in Photos

Happy Monday everyone! Thought I’d do a run down of what happened to me last week through my Instagram photos. Been uber busy with things just whizzing past me and Instagram has been acting like a diary for me helping me remember what happened the past few days. So, here goes –

Monday: Was part of a panel in Prulife’s BYB in Edsa Shrangri-la

Monday: Chow Fun was a good food discovery

Tuesday: We were kept awake by Warren till 4AM.

Wednesday: Commemorated ama’s 1 year death anniversary with a family dinner at QCSC. Lihim ni Lola was a food favorite of mine

Thursday: Spent the better half of the day in a Learning Session on conducting one on one meetings

Thursday: Celebrated Warren’s 13th month birthday at home

Friday: Nihonbashtei was a great find.

Saturday: Christmas is around the corner in 168. Spent the day finding prizes for the night’s mooncake dice game



Sunday: Breakfast at Mcdo with Warren enjoying his stroller



Sunday: This is Warren’s day! Spent the whole day with him playing around at the house

So, that’s my week in a nutshell. How did you spend yours?


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