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My Year in Review

Today is the start of a new year, 2012. It seems that time went by so fast that another year has ended. Looking back at 2011, a lot of things have happened that will truly make 2011 memorable for me.

I started the year with a huge list of resolution or things to do in 2011. Physically, I wanted to weight less than 120lbs and to engage in a 21 day running habit. I wanted to travel to various places I haven’t been to – Egypt, Italy, Turkey, etc. All this got curtailed when I found out (January 7) that I am 4 weeks pregnant.

It was a whirlwind pregnancy from there – the first ultrasound, the first heart beat, finding out that it’s a HE, the first kicks and the first look at his face. And finally, on September 11, I gave birth normally to our precious baby, Jon Warren. We finally got to take him home on September 18. His month to month progress is priceless – his first smile, his focused look, his first thumb suck, his first laugh, and his first roll-over – are just some of the things he got to do in his 3.5 months with us. Truly amazing! Truly a gift from God.

Personally, I finished my Gue Lai successfully (without taking a bath for a month!) in October and got to travel to China also. I started this blog in late August and have so far had more than 10,000 hits.

There were also sad memories for 2011. My grandma passed away in September albeit peacefully. We ended the year (December 30) commemorating his 100th day of passing.

One of the things that I didn’t expect but was a welcome opportunity was being able to work on a project last March – establishment of a data center. Worked till a few weeks before my 40th week of pregnancy. The project was successfully launched last October.

Some of my businesses were hits and misses this year. The old ones didn’t do as projected. Despite this, I consider opening 2 branches for Souvenirlab (one in May and another in September), making the large format printer work, opening a retail large format printing store (Monsterprintads) and expanding our products lines (Servotech), a success. I managed to open 2 new companies – one with my brother (UNIFUNKT) and one on my own (Simple Bundles of Joy).

Prulife has also become a business for me already. I now have 4 agents in my team with 2 more expected to be added by January. My aim is to be a full pledged unit manager by January. Personally, I managed to become a STAR CLUB member for the first time and be part of the International trip bound for the Holy Land. This year also (though I couldn’t travel), I managed to get all 3 quarter trips – Shanghai, Malaysia, Asian Cruise, which I had all converted to cash since I couldn’t make the travel.

Overall, 2011 was definitely EXCITING and I’m looking forward to what 2012 holds. 🙂

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