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Simple Eats: A Balikbayan’s Food Fun in the Philippines

Here’s a guest post by Dichie Elinor, hubby’s sister. Dichie is an expat in Beijing and is 5 months pregnant.

Holidays 2011

It was yet another trip of food indulgence in Manila…although this trip somehow felt different. I enjoyed the food so much I kept thinking about them on the flight back to Beijing. 🙂

1. Jollibee – still awesome as ever. Watching me eat, Ian said, I ate my jolly spaghetti and jolly hotdog so fast you’d think someone’s trying to steal it from me.

2. Ice cream and sweets – ube ice cream from Arce, coffee jelly shake from UCC, chocolate marble waffle with peanut butter from the Pancake House, and halo halo from Manila Penn – heavenly! And the best of them all was the sans rival that Sonson bought. I snuck out an extra slice when noone was looking… 🙂

3. Chicken for the road – bias-aside, the food here was absolutely yummy…best comfort food- fried chicken, fooyong, calamari and lomi, all enjoyed with the best garlic fried rice in town, a glass of ice cold coke, and great company (the Su’s) 🙂

4. Mary Grace cheese rolls – it was a cross between ensaymada (which I was craving for but got disappointed with Muhlach’s) and a cheese roll…yummy! Thanks, Dikopo for the surprise treat!!

5. Kai’s restaurant – Ian and I took a chance in trying this restaurant out while strolling the Greenbelt area. It turned out to be a good choice. The tempura and sukiyaki were really tasty…and their dalandan shake was so good I couldn’t resist a second glass.

6. Sincerity – traditional Filipino-Chinese food right at the heart of Binondo. I had to control myself from
eating too much oyster cake since I read somewhere that it’s not too good for pregnant women. Good thing there were machang, meatballs and fried chicken to satisfy my appetite that day 🙂

7. Filipino food – what’s a trip to the Philippines without good ol’ pinoy food! We ate so much during the trip it’s hard to remember all of them now. The best were Recipe’s laing & fried fish, Gerry’s sisig & binagoongang rice, and Las Casas’ paella & longsilog.

8. Makati Shangri-la had an awesome breakfast buffet spread – from western quiche and marshmallowed hot chocolate, to Filipino sapin-sapin, suman and bibingka. I was so full from breakfast that my next meal wasn’t till dinner time.

9. Home-cooked meals rock!! I loved eating at home to Grace’s timnung, buto buto soup, misua and carbonara! I was actually excited to wake up in the morning just to see what’s for breakfast 🙂

10. Xmas and new year’s day were welcomed with lots of food at the strike of midnight. Good thing I’m an oddball in the family when it comes to (lack of) cooking skills or interest 🙂 Achie’s pat po kue and Son’s roast beef were delicious! Joan’s mom’s chicken salad was addicting!! And we had an additional treat this year with Lorna’s gumabe from Kopo!

It was a great trip all around – lots of time with family, meeting my new nephew and hearing Baba sweetly call me “di-ee”, seeing my favorite Auntie Karen and my future FB friend Kim, quality time with a few of my dear friends, a new place explored outside Manila, lots of cuddling with Omizu and Trouble, and a great menu of food! 🙂


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