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Simple Travels: Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm

We stopped by Angkor Thom, formerly the capital of Cambodia, for a short toilet break and to change our soaked shirts. I brought an extra shirt with me knowing that I’d be drenched in sweat in Angkor Wat.

The entry to Angkor Thom is a narrow passage that can only fit 1 bus. Hence, entering and exiting Angkor Thom would require both ways taking turns. The pathway was also lined with some of these statues both with and without heads on (as some were stolen and sold as antiques).
Siem Reap-69

Angkor Thom is also abundant with various pagodas which unfortunately most were being renovated because they’ve been severely damaged. The lush greens and the jungle ahead gives you an idea of what this place looks like in its heydays.
Siem Reap-70

After a short break, we proceeded to Ta Prohm, site where The Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie was shot. The entry way to Ta Prohm was also a small structure whose rock formations depicted the head of a buddha.
Siem Reap-71

Siem Reap-74

After walking through an alley of lush green forest with some monkeys lurking in the background, you’d come to see this structure –
Siem Reap-76

The entry way leads to this bridge –
Siem Reap-79

Which leads to this pagoda –
Siem Reap-81

Ta Prohm is rather dilapidated. However, the trees that have survived make for an interesting site to see. Likewise, as you enter deeper into Ta Prohm, you can also see several other smaller pagodas inside.
Siem Reap-84

Siem Reap-86

We took a group shot of our bus 2 group in one of the oldest trees in Ta Prohm.
Siem Reap-88

Some of the structures had these carved in them –
Siem Reap-89

Siem Reap-93

Another picture inside the pagoda with another old tree –
Siem Reap-91

As we walked deeper into the main pagoda, we eventually ended up in this famous tree and entry way where the Tomb Raider movie was shot. Unfortunately, you can’t get into this entry way.
Siem Reap-98

A closer look at the entry way and why it appealed to the producers of the movie. Very rustic. Very Indiana Jonesy type.
Siem Reap-99

Ta Prohm was our last tourist stop. We were all famished and had a hearty lunch in a hotel near ours. The next itinerary was shopping at the Old Market. I decided that I wanted to relax at the hotel before our Awarding Ceremony at 7PM so I didn’t join the group.

Next post? Food in Siem Reap and Thailand.


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Simple Travels: Marveling at Angkor Wat

Our day 2 tour started rather early with breakfast at the hotel at 630AM. We departed for a tour of the city at around 8AM. There were 3 major stops for the day – Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm.

Angkor Wat or City of Pagoda is the grandest of all Khmer temples. It was built during the reign of Suryavarman II and was dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It was said that Cambodians would visit this temple before getting married as Vishnu is said to be also known as the god of love. This is the largest sand stone structure in the World. The city is a sight to marvel as it was built in a span of 35 years using 4000 elephants along with hundreds and thousand pairs of human hands.

We were forewarned by the batch before us that the weather is extremely warm with the air being dry. Armed with a hat, an umbrella and LOTS of sunblock, I walked around Angkor Wat City for almost 2 hours (shopping included!).

First stop was getting our pictures taken for our tour passes.
Siem Reap-4-2

A manmade moat surrounds the city. We entered through this causeway where it is evident that this was built much later than the Angkor Wat structures.
Siem Reap-6-2

Siem Reap-8-2

This huge structure is what you’d initially see upon entering. We entered another entry hall leading deeper into Angkor Wat city.
Siem Reap-11-2

Siem Reap-9-2

A group shot of the China Jade group that adopted me in this trip
Siem Reap-12-2

Armed with tons of sunblock
Siem Reap-15-2

A shot of the hallways we passed through
Siem Reap-18-2

A closer look at the carvings on the wall
Siem Reap-19-2

Other structures leading up to the main edifice –
Siem Reap-20-2

Siem Reap-21-2

I thought these shots of mine of the main structure was rather dreamy. Enhanced my picture using Lightroom. What do you think?
Siem Reap-23-2

Siem Reap-25-2

Another group shot. Just noticed that I had TONS of sunblock on my face when editing pictures.
Siem Reap-26-2

Me and Angkor Wat. Haay … Tons of losing weight still need to be done.
Siem Reap-29-2

We stopped for a group photo at the above site. On our way to the main edifice, we saw some street vendors. More shopping to be done after the tour.

A Cambodian seller
Siem Reap-30-2

I thought this picture of the Bus 2 group in front of the Main Angkor Wat structure is quite lovely. The colors reflect the actual heat of the environment.
Siem Reap-33-2

Welcome to Angkor Wat!
Siem Reap-32-2

Entering the main edifice, we had to climb through reconstructed walk ways and stairs.

About to go up the first floor of the main edifice
Siem Reap-37-2

Upon entering, we had to go up a few more stairs to arrive at this hallway. The walls were lined with carvings depicting the story of Ramayana.
Doing a peek-a-boo shoot
Siem Reap-38

Here are a few shots of the inside of the main edifice –

One of the 4 basins in Angkor Wat
Siem Reap-39

Siem Reap-40

Siem Reap-41

Siem Reap-42

This is how massive one of the basins is
Siem Reap-44

Siem Reap-48

Siem Reap-49

Siem Reap-51

Check out the Buddha carvings on the walls
Siem Reap-53

Siem Reap-56

They opened 1 of the pagodas for visitors to visit. As we were running out of time, I didn’t climb up anymore. Here are some shots I took of the opened pagoda.
Siem Reap-58

Siem Reap-60

While waiting for the rest of the group, more pictures taken.
Siem Reap-61

Siem Reap-64

Next stop? Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm and a new shirt.


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