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Day 6 at CSMC: No More IV + New Coughs

Warren seemed bored with his condition. Stuck with the IV on his feet, he could barely move let alone stand up. We were also apprehensive letting him move a lot for fear that the IV might get dislodged. That would mean a hell of a time trying to find his tiny vein to put the IV in. Luckily, we reached the quota of 24 hours of no fever by 6:30PM today. Dr. Garcia, Pediatrics – Infectious Disease, happily came in to announce that the results of the new blood test were good. White blood cells are now down to 8000. Likewise, his hemoglobin has increased to 11.9 (still not at the normal side of 12.0 but a lot better than the previous 9 something). So, the hemoglobin decrease must have just been caused by infection and is not indicative of Warren being anoemic though another test in the future would be needed to further confirm this case. He also had his IV removed to make sure that the low-grade fever is not being caused by infection in the IV. When this was removed, there seemed to be a slight swelling on the area. Instead of Kefox Cefuxamine injected in the IV, we have now switched to oral drops – Cefuxime. By 10PM tonight, Warren drowned 2.5ml of Cefuxime.

Unfortunately, Warren has developed dry coughs this afternoon. The occassional coughs yesterday has turned worse today. The doctor has given him Ventolin to cure. His voice is now coarse (paos) and I’m awake now since I’ve been trying to make him sleep since 1:30AM. He slept over my shoulders for 30minutes and tried to make him sleep upright a little. I’ve finally been able to put him on his bed to sleep. I don’t know how. He hasn’t cough again for a good 30minutes.

He is still at a sub-38 level. Hoping to get discharged soon.


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