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8th Santa’s Gifts Bazaar

Yey! We’re on again! This project of mine was temporarily stopped the year I got married and when I gave birth. Naturally, I didn’t have time to organize this. Plus, with lots of improvements in Quezon City Sports Club, finding the spot to hold this has posted a challenge. This year, we’re once again continuing this tradition and on our 8th run, we’re holding Santa’s Gifts Bazaar at the club’s “new” Sun Deck. This event will be parallel to our 1st Gourmet Bites, a food market within Quezon City Sports Club. Club members will get to taste one of a kind pastries and other delectable foods.

Santa’s Gifts Bazaar will run on 2 weekends only – November 24 – 25 and December 15 – 16. The Gourmet Bites Food Market will run all weekends starting November 10 – 11 all the way to December 15 – 16. It’s open to the public so feel free to drop by and shop! Will post the list of participating vendors here soon.

Here’s a quick peek of the bazaar posters which I had done by Souvenirlab.

See you at the bazaars! 🙂


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Simply Shop: Zonta Carnivale Bazaar

As you know, I am a veteran in the bazaar scene. I’ve been joining bazaars for more than 10years already. It’s been a pretty good sideline for me every Christmas. I’ve also organized bazaars for more than 5years. Since I recently gave birth, there was no time to promote a bazaar. Hence, we didn’t organize one and instead we just participated. There are a few bazaars that’s been in the running for a few years. Better to join bazaars with a track record already as you would know what to expect in terms of sales. Aside from St. James, we didn’t join bazaars that ran for more than 3 days. We didn’t have full time staff and we prefer to get a different crowd every weekend, which is good for our items. Anyhow, Zonta Carnivale Bazaar is the last bazaar we joined for the year.

The Zonta bazaar is organized well. The bazaar was designed with a Carnivale theme in mind. Huge masks decorated the entrance of each tent. Ceiling was designed with multi-colored swags and lighted with big glass jars.

There were also LOTS of activities for the shoppers or passers by. People can watch the frisbee competition happening in the nearby field which was sponsored by Zonta. Kids can join the art classes or watch the puppet show (enjoyed the Hansel and Gretel puppet show). Flowing from the Carnivale theme, there were also carnival entertainers – fire eaters, jugglers, and others.



The placement of the food area was also very intuitive. They were placed at the far end of the football field or at the tail end of the bazaar. In other words, before you can reach the food area, you would have gone around the bazaar area. Good for sellers! There were interesting food finds also at the food area.

1. Downtown Philly Steak – Thought this was a good idea. Food trucks in the US have this same idea and it clicked. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t up to par. The meat wasn’t tender and seasoned well.



2. USDA certified beef tapa – Heard it was good so I gave this a try. The beef used is definitely good quality. It was seasoned well. Combined with the egg and garlic rice, this is my idea of a good breakfast.


For shops, here are some of the interesting items I found –

1. Temp Alert – A patented patch is attached to the clothes and changes color once heat or fever is detected. Bought a 3 piece set for Warren (onesie, pajama and long sleeve overall suit) for Php995.00 only. They also have other baby products such as the Agoo Pads and teething wipes. Yellow Mustard Seed:


2. Cienta Shoes – Ranging from Php1200 – Php1500, these shoes are trendy. Nice gifts for moms who want their kids to be fashion foot forward. Cienta Kids Shoes: http://www.cientashoes,ph

3. Ylla Shoes – Made from Abacca and soft cow leather, these shoes are super comfy. The flats are just Php995.00. Ylla Shoes:


4. Organizers – For the travel buffs. These organizers are space savers. They have shirt (Php400), pants (Php400) and underwear organizers (Php300).



5. Convertible Kimonos / tops – La Tercerra offers fashionable tops. Just put it over a plain tee and you’re all set for the office or for a party.Add them up on facebook via La Tercera Online.


6. Yoga mats, straps and bags – For the yoga enthusiast, this store is the one for them. They carried these cute yoga items and tote bags.


7. Cute Tote Bags – Aren’t these cute? Comes in tons of designs. For just PHP300.00, these are ideal gifts for kids and teens and for the kids at heart. 🙂


8.T-shirts – There were tons of uber cute t-shirts to choose from. Couldn’t help but take a picture of this one for Hubby. 🙂


9. Sailboat / Raceboat – I would have gotten this for you DAD but since you’re afraid of the water and flying, I didn’t buy it! 🙂 For PHP2.8M, this sailboat comes with living quarters. Sail the seas with this baby. 🙂





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Shop: Greenmeadows Bazaar and Zonta Bazaar

Last bazaar weekend! We’ll be joining 2 bazaars again – The Zonta Bazaar at the Cuenca Community Center and the Greenmeadows Xmas Rush Bazaar. Catch us there!

Zonta Alabang Christmas Carnivale Bazaar

The Greenmeadows Xmas rush bazaar offers FREE Gift wrapping (includes gift wrapper, gift tag and labor). Simply get a stub from us when you purchase. Also, raffles will be given every hour! The bazaar has over 120 stalls to choose from so you’d definitely get your Christmas rush shopping completed. See you all there!

Greenmeadows Xmas Rush Bazaar

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Shop: St. James Bazaar

Finally got to go around St. James Bazaar today. There are a LOT of good finds at the bazaar! Need to do my Christmas gift list already so I’ll know what to buy tomorrow or on Wednesday when the bazaar finishes.

We bought these today –

1. Personalized Santa sack: Bought one for each of us (PHP580.00 each). They stitch them on the spot. Thought this was such a great idea. Will probably take a picture with Warren inside it?

Santa's Sack

Santa's Elves

2. Totseat: The washable, squashable highchair. This can be attached in any sturdy chair and easily transforms it into a high chair. No need to ask for high-chairs in restaurants or hotels or drag or bring one while going out. Decided to buy this even though it can be used when Warren is around 6-7 months old. Bought one for PHP1400.00. Other newer designs are a little more expensive. Distributed by Hermanas Y Primos. Check them out at

Tot Seat

3. Papellazo: Hubby bought a Grocery List notepad from this store (PHP120.00). I’m such a note person and love listing things down. They have notepads for all possible lists – grocery, to do list, etc.

Papellazo Notepads

Here are some more things I found pretty interesting. Would definitely go back once I complete my list. 🙂

1. Polycarbonate lamps: Aren’t these great for my new office?


2. Fab Manila: Found this stall’s stuff to be so cute! I love organizers. The magazine rack initially caught my eye followed by the wallet organizers, jewelry case, and this sling bag in various colors! So cute! Will have to spend a little more time in the store to decide what to buy and what designs to get.

Fab Manila

Fab Manila

3. Phil. Dogtags: Dogtags engraved on the spot.

Dog Tags

4. Happy Hoodies: Cute and fun hoodies made by happy people. Comes in various designs. Might get these for my cousins. Visit them at

Happy Hoodies


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Productive Friday

Woke up at around 6AM today and spent some time with Warren before heading out to Quezon City Sports Club. We were given a booth space to display our items. There’s a swimming competition being held this weekend at QCSC with 400swimmers participating nationwide.

Here are pictures of some of our items –




Had a lovely longganisa breakfast also complete with egg, garlic rice, papaya and binatirol Na tsokolate. Yummy!


I’m thankful this Friday for the following –
1. Time spent with my baby
2. A good night’s sleep
3. Free booth space to display our UNIFUNKT items
4. Having people to help man our booth
5. Clients who bought our goods
6. Lovely Filipino breakfast and lunch at QCSC
7. A good mani, pedi and foot spa session
8. Time spent with my brother today
9. Technology – television, Internet, wi-fi, iPad, etc
10. Having a driver to drive me around, run errands, etc

So, what are you thankful for? Take up the challenge. Write a comment, send me a link of your blog, and I’ll post your list here.


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