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Dressing for my Size

Since gaining pregnancy weight, it has been a struggle to lose the 15 pounds. Totally amazed at how some mothers can easily lose ALL the pounds and more in just a few months. I have a little over a month to lose at least 10 pounds to drop a dress size for Warren’s party. US Size 4 or 6? Can I do it? I’ve been reserving buying new clothes hoping that I’d still fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. On the flip side, I have been hugely inspired by a few plus-size bloggers who’ve been able to pull off a totally fabulous look which really just show that size doesn’t matter. Been frequenting 2 blogs lately. One is that of Marie Claire’s contributing editor Nicolette Mason, whose pictures are simply divine and whose styling and fashion sense is one that I envy. Another is that of Gabi, a fashion loving curvaceous beauty whose techie freebies I likewise envy. Well, even if I don’t drop 1 to 2 sizes, I’m hoping I still get to pull off a fabulous look for Warren’s party.

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Posted by on August 24, 2012 in Family, My Simple Life


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