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Annyong Haseo: A First to Visit Korea

Annyong Haseo! Was trying to learn a few Korean words on the plane enroute to Seoul. However, the fatigue got the better of me and slept through the almost 4hr flight. I’m currently in Seoul for the Regional Agency Leader’s Conference of Prulife U.K. This is a huge privilege as only the top 6 unit managers nationwide are invited to attend. The flight was scheduled in an ungodly hour of 1230AM. We arrived Seoul dazed and tired but since check-in time was at 2PM or so, a tour was organized for us. All of my tour mates have been in Korea for more than 2x already. Hence, I’m the newbie in this tour.

After having a VERY early breakfast at Dolphin Seafood, we proceeded to check-out some of the spots in Seoul. Shopping was at the top of mind must do in this trip with Myeongdong being the final destination spot. However, were informed that Myeongdong was to open not earlier than 10AM. We decided to skip the Fish Market and headed straight to one of the 4 fortress walls setup during the Joseon Dynasty, the Namdaemun or South Gate. This structure was razed by a fire in 2008 and is currently be reconstructed and targeted to be completed this year.

After Namdaemun, we proceeded to Hanok Village where a select group went down to see the traditional houses and the items that can be found inside.






The rooms were remarkably small as the people at that time were small in stature.

Next stop? Seoul N Tower! The central part of the city. Going up the observatory provides a nice bird’s eye view of Seoul. Part of the attraction was the quiet ride up their 30sec elevator.



Outside N Tower was the famous love bridge with lockets tied around it.



Walking to and from N Tower was quite an exercise and we were all famished. Had my first taste of Bibimbap in one of the restaurants in a small alley in Insadong.



Insadong is lined with small souvenir shops and Korean restaurants. Perfect for buying Korean souvenirs to take home.





While the others went to Myeongdong for some retail therapy, we decided to crash in the hotel, Conrad Seoul.





A lovely cocktail / dinner was served in Sillah Hotel by PCA.





Till tomorrow! 🙂

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Business: 1st Q PC Buyer’s Guide Ad

Our 1st Quarter ad for 2012 for PC Buyer’s guide –


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Productive Friday

Woke up at around 6AM today and spent some time with Warren before heading out to Quezon City Sports Club. We were given a booth space to display our items. There’s a swimming competition being held this weekend at QCSC with 400swimmers participating nationwide.

Here are pictures of some of our items –




Had a lovely longganisa breakfast also complete with egg, garlic rice, papaya and binatirol Na tsokolate. Yummy!


I’m thankful this Friday for the following –
1. Time spent with my baby
2. A good night’s sleep
3. Free booth space to display our UNIFUNKT items
4. Having people to help man our booth
5. Clients who bought our goods
6. Lovely Filipino breakfast and lunch at QCSC
7. A good mani, pedi and foot spa session
8. Time spent with my brother today
9. Technology – television, Internet, wi-fi, iPad, etc
10. Having a driver to drive me around, run errands, etc

So, what are you thankful for? Take up the challenge. Write a comment, send me a link of your blog, and I’ll post your list here.


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Working Towards Goal #11 and #12

I spent the day attending a seminar held by PruLife U.K. for invited participants who are ready to take the next steps to becoming a unit manager. The program entitled Step-Up is a 6-month intensive program aimed at preparing the Assistant Unit Managers (AUM) to becoming Unit Managers (UM). There were 13 of us in the group.

I’ve been with Prulife for the past 11 years. I started with them when I was just in my 4th year of college back in 2000. My reason for joining was merely to know more about the finance industry, knowing that the insurance companies are able to shell out more products at a shorter span of time versus the banks. I also wanted to develop my selling skills and boost my self-confidence. Needless to say, I was able to accomplish all those.

The company and the industry, for that matter, have been very kind to me. It afforded me the financial independence. I didn’t need to be stuck in a job I didn’t like. At an early age, I could afford to buy whatever I want. I was able to build up my savings nest and I earned my first million with the industry. It provided me the opportunities to travel for free. If not for being pregnant, I would have traveled to Malaysia and Shanghai this year. I have also qualified for the Asian Cruise (which I’m not taking again) embarking this November. As part of my 12 before 2012 goal, I am targeting to qualify for the free Holy Land tour trip.

Aside from the monetary rewards, this career or business is also very emotionally fulfilling. A participant in the Step-up program narrated today how a client of hers (who got a policy last year) who is suffering from a kidney disease called her an “angel” for being able to provide monetary assistance to be used for his hospitalization and/or cure. The Philippines has one of the most number of under-insured people. Our hospitalization expenses are out-of-the-pocket expenses (expenses that are unplanned and unprepared for).

Last year was a crossroad for me being in the industry for 10 years already. It was either I “retire” or I “promote” myself. I decided on the latter. I wanted to share the experiences and the lifestyle I got from the business to others. I wanted to be able to inspire and teach others. So, I decided to become an AUM. This year, my goal was to build my team and “promote” myself to the UM position. I’m looking for people who are interested and willing to learn. I’m looking for people who has the drive to succeed and who has aspirations in life. If you think you have these qualifications, feel free to drop me a comment (w/your contact numbers) so we can talk and I can discuss this exciting and fulfilling career with you.

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