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Day 4 at CSMC

Warren’s asleep. H is asleep on the couch. Warren’s fever is down to a manageable level of sub-38. It seems the antibiotics is finally kicking in. Although his CBC and Urinalysis results yesterday showed normal levels, doctors were concerned why his fever is still not gone. The infectious disease doctor wanted to increase his antibiotics with Amikacin. Fortunately or unfortunately, Warren had some negative reactions to the skin test so that didn’t push through.

We got a visit today from Dr. Garcia, Pediatrics – Infectious disease. He checked to make sure that there were no other infections causing the fever. Meningitis, negative. E1 (Hand foot mouth disease), negative. Given his slightly enlarged Kidneys, he recommended another outpatient work-up VUGC. VUGC involves putting a dye through Warren’s penis and checking whether the chalk colored substance which is visible with the xray / ultrasound will go up his urether which is the tube that connects the kidney and the bladder. He suspects that Warren might have VUR which is a condition affecting the valve that’s supposed to control the flow back of the urine from the bladder to the urether. If this valve is working, then, the urine shouldn’t go back up. We are hoping that the grade of the problem is just 1 or no more than 3. If it is, then, it should be as simple as waiting for him to outgrow it. Otherwise, a procedure must be done to repair the damaged valve.

We also got a visit from Dra. Tiongson, a nephrologist specialist. The conclusion and course of action is the same, which is to get the VUGC done in 7 – 10 days. We’re really hoping that his valve is functioning well so no procedure will have to be done.

The hair that should have been cut last Sunday


Getting his first blood pressure taken – 100/60


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Crazy Week + Failed Family Activity + In the Hospital

I haven’t been writing for the past 8 days. Things have been CRAAZZZYYY! First, it was because there were tons of work. For the past week, I was visiting potential clients to do a demo of our corporate display solutions, closing a few savings plans and investments for Prulife and helping out some of my agents close their sales. Then, last weekend, we were booked at the SOFITEL for some family bonding time with Warren. That didn’t happen! Instead, we had to bring Warren to the hospital.

At home

Our nanny called us up last Friday to inform us that Warren had a slight fever of 38.1. I had to rush home from a meeting. H had already brought the manghihilot (masseuse) and had him checked. Apparently, he has sprains in his shoulder, back and arms. His fever went down that day. On Saturday, he was actually fine in the morning but in the afternoon, his fever started getting worse. Despite incesant sponge baths and paracetamols, it just kept coming back. Sunday morning was the same scenario. When we had his blood work done in the afternoon, we found out that he has very high white blood cells. High white blood cells = infection. My cousin who’s Warren’s pedia suggested we just have him admitted.

The initial blood test and urinalysis

The residents had to put an IV on him and had to draw blood for a blood culture. A generic anti-biotic – Kefox Cefuxamine – had to be administered using the IV since the actual bacteria is not yet known. Unfortunately, it was rather hard to find a vein in Warren’s pudgy hands and feet. The residents had to try it 3x and the 4th time was the charm. I was also crying with Warren as he was wailing the whole time the residents were trying to attach the IV into his feet then his arm then back to his feet. Seeing him cry was actually much more painful than giving birth to him. Honestly, you’d really wish it was just you getting sick rather than your child. We were hoping that this experience will not traumatize him. Up until yesterday, if he didn’t know the person, he would just cry. I think he was thinking they would attach another needle into him.

After the IV attachment procedure

Trying to put in a smile

Teaching him how the sponge bath is done

Hoping we get released soon.

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Simply Fun Filled Day

Today, I felt like a REAL urban working mom. I had to haul myself in between mommy duties and entrepreneur responsibilities.

Today was Warren’s 3rd month doctor’s appointment. I had him dressed in an orange onesie and plaid shorts. Unlike the last 2 months, he didn’t sleep at all on the way to the hospital. He must be enjoying and absorbing the view. We arrived at around 10AM and was seen right away.

Finally saw a copy of the article that came out in The Mitre, Cardinal Santos’ magazine with Warren’s picture on it! Here’s a copy of the article and the front cover. Grab your copy now! Its FREE!

Since we were in the area, I wanted to surprise Guama whose office was just nearby. Guama was excitedly sharing the magazine feature with her staff and friends when we arrived. Warren hasn’t seen Guama for more than 2 months already since my grandma passed away. Good thing Warren was in a good mood! He was happily talking to my mom and smiling the whole time. Will update this post once I get a picture from Joanne.

After dropping Warren off at the house, I went to the office to talk to my Souvenirlab staff and left an hour after for a meeting with a Prulife client.

Traffic was horrible but managed to arrive at Meralco’s Liwanag Park before Hubby and Warren. Managed to take some pictures of the place. My expectations were kinda high so I was a bit disappointed. I thought there was a huge park with lights lit up. Turned out, there were only a few attractions – statues of the Nativity, an old train, lighted houses and the lighted Meralco theatre. Was expecting for the whole park to be lit up with dancing lights and all.

The whole idea of bringing Warren to the park was that we noticed he was appreciating and smiling at lighted items already. Thought he’d like to see all the trees lit up. Unfortunately, the whole Liwanag Park thing was a FAIL. Warren was asleep and wouldn’t open his eyes. Must be the injections?

Anyhow, we decided to just have dinner at Ajisen Ramen before heading home. He was still asleep for a few minutes while we were in the restaurant. Got a bit antsy and woke up 30minutes after. When we were about to finish dinner, he was already in a smiling mood. Drats! He didn’t get to see the lights at Liwanag Park. He was left to enjoying the lights at the North East square.

So, that ends the day of a working Urban mom. 🙂

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Cardinal Santos Magazine

Our Baseball Star

I got a text message yesterday from the marketing services of Cardinal Santos. They wanted to feature the article I wrote about Cardinal Santos (here in the blog) in their bi-monthly magazine. I was thinking of sending them the picture above. What do you think?


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Cardinal Santos: Not your usual Hospital Food

Thought I’d share some pictures of the food served during our week-long stay at Cardinal Santos Hospital. Impressed with the preparation. Hubby said they tasted good. Tried some of them, as well. All main meals came with soup and a dessert.

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Cardinal Santos: A Friendly Birthing Hospital

We have been very impressed with the service we have been receiving from Cardinal Santos. Since I got admitted last Sunday, we have been staying in the hospital and will continue to do so till Baby Warren gets discharged this Sunday. So far, the experience has been very good unlike the one we received from St. Luke’s hospital.

A few items I’ve noticed –

First, during the delivery and labor, I had an assigned intern with me the whole time monitoring the fetal movement and my contractions, among others. I was checked and prepped before being admitted. The labor room was small but was comfortable. It had an individual TV and the room was individualized by a wall. You will not hear the next room beside you not unless the door’s open. If you wanted to have someone with you the whole time and your own bathroom (though you won’t be able to use it during labor), you can get their birthing suite. We decided to just get the normal room allowing my husband a few minutes during the whole time to accompany me. My doctors were able to let my husband in for almost 2.5 hours anyway during the whole labor process. Thanks Dra. Angela Sison-Aguilar (my OB) and to Dra. Ann Marie Tan-Ting (my pedia cousin).

Second, the standard rooms are a lot bigger than the ones in St. Luke’s. For just PHP2500 versus St. Luke’s PHP4000+, the rooms are already ‘sulit.’ Foods served were also more impressive. We got served 6 meals a day. Below is a picture of one of the meals served. Check out the presentation. Each meal comes with soup and a dessert. Throughout the week, we’ve had a variety of fruits (banana, apple, lanzones, etc) as well as desserts (buko pandan, sponge cake, etc). Since I did not eat any of the food, I was told by our baby’s yaya and my hubby that they tasted a lot better than the ones at St. Luke’s.

Third, I was also impressed that the 2nd floor seems to be dedicated to birthing mothers and kids. The delivery, labor, and nursing area are all just located in one section. The hospital is also a breast feeding advocate. Hence, all their nurses are skilled and knowledgeable in breastfeeding. They were very helpful! Thanks to nurses Elizabeth, Joana, Luz, Aireen, Nina, and the wonderful nurses at the Nursery station.

Kudos to Cardinal Santos! We made the right decision choosing this hospital! 


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