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Simple Eats: Chicken for the Road

One of the best kept restaurant secrets in town is Chicken for the Road. Not being biased (since it’s owned by Hubby’s uncle), the restaurant is known for its Fried Chicken, both its original and garlic flavors. It’s home-cooked comfort food. Take-outs are suggested and deliveries are also being done by the restaurant. Numbers are indicated below.

Here’s the whole gang with Uncle Aboy, Auntie Agie, Meryl, Xavier, Xenon, Danelle, Ian and Elinor, Lilliam, Hubby and me.



Ian isn’t a soup drinker but he loved the Lomi. I had 2 bowls of this also.

The squid is cooked to perfection! Its soft and NOT rubbery with the outside crisp from the batter. Definitely a must-try!
Crispy Garlic Squid

Egg Fooyong
I’m an egg and crab lover. So when you mix both together and mix them well, the dish becomes something I couldn’t resist. I think I almost ate half of the whole order!
Egg Fooyong

Crispy Fried Chicken
This definitely beats a lot of the chickens in town – Sincerity, Savory, and more. Chicken for the Road’s signature dish is tasty and juicy. A good test of whether the cooking is good or not is to try the breast part. If this is tasty and still juicy, then, the chicken is cooked really well. The taste is not left on just the skin alone, it is marinated even in the meat portion. CFTR also accepts take-outs and also delivers in certain areas. Another must-try is their Garlic Chicken.

Visit or call one of their branches!

Chicken for the Road
316 Araneta Ave. (Across SO-EN)
Telephone: 716 8866 or 411 3297

Ortigas Home Depot (J. Vargas, Pasig City)
Telephone: 706 1965-66

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