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Warren Turns 2!

Warren turned 2 last Wednesday. Hubby and I decided to just celebrate it at home with a few friends and family. Saving up for another trip to Disneyland with the little one so no big fancy birthday celebration. Plus, we thought that if we’re celebrating when he’s 2, it would be very impractical. Nonetheless, I had to decorate the place a little.

Since Warren is into Minions now with the latest movie and phone app, I decided to make that his party theme. I passed by Dom’s Party Shop along Tomas Morato and found 3 perfect minions to put around our house. Also had a photo wall printed from our shop. Bought a few balloons and put them around the place.


The photo wall was such a huge hit with the kiddo. He kept on posing for the camera standing in front of the photo wall. Even dragged a chair to sit on and posed for the cameras again. Here are a few pictures of him.






Of course no party will be complete without food! So, worked my magic and produced these food. Ordered Royal Mango Salad (Php495) and Chicken Pastel (Php990) from Conti’s. Ordered Fresh Lumpia and Fish Florentine from QCSC. Crab Sotanghon and Shrimps were courtesy of my dad. Also had Chicken Rice from Stevie’s.


Lastly, had a Minion cake (Php900) and cupcakes (Php40 each) made. It was so last minute! Good thing my friend was able to get his sister to agree. It tastes as good as it looks! The non-minion cake was provided by my Guama and aunts.




Happy Birthday Kiddo! Mom and Dad love you! 🙂


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Staycation: Of Remembering the Dead, Shopping and Family

It was a long staycation for us last weekend. 4 days of family bonding, tons of shopping and lots of eating.

It was a joy seeing Warren turn our room upside down in his pilyo ways from getting himself stuck in the trash can to dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tune. Our boy is growing up fast!

Last November 1, we visited and remembered my hubby’s loved ones who passed away and were rested at the Thousand Buddha Temple. We also visited my Grandma at Christ the King.

Then, in the afternoon, we were off to the Toy kingdom sale at Megatrade Hall where our wallets got a beating. Good thing we came at the right time. We still got to go around a few times and didn’t endure the tremendously long line when they opened it to the public. At least I’m done with Christmas shopping for some of my inaanaks.

Seeing Warren’s face with one of the toys we bought him was well worth the shopping and shoving in the sale.

It was also a slight reprieve on my South Beach Diet. Lots of coffee as Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf launched their 2013 planners over the holidays. Got to try Hossein’s and Slice at the Fort for the first time. Both didn’t disappoint. Also got to try Magnolia Ice cream House at Robinson’s Magnolia. The food was not bad but wasn’t able to try their ice cream creations.


How was the long weekend for you? Did you stay at home or went out of town or country?


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First Blog Entry

Anticipating boredom during my “gue lai” period, I’ve decided to create this blog to just write about anything under the sun. I recently found this wonderful blog by Jerry Lee – – a photojournal of his 2 daughters Kristin and Kayla. I’m taking inspiration from his blog to come up with pictures of our baby’s journey in life.

I’m currently at 36 weeks and 5 days, a few more days and I’ll be full term. Current mood is excitement and wide anticipation. My work pace is slowly winding down. Just completed my project contract 2 days ago. Finalizing a few sales for my insurance / savings sales target for August and September production. My retail store has gotten a GO signal to start construction on Monday. And, I’ve almost delegated the things needed for my 2 other companies.Really hoping that my staff pulls through and delivers while I’m on maternity leave.


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