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Happiness comes in small packages. Lucky to be able to bring the kiddo to school on a regular basis.


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A Shoe a Day Project

This is my 3rd installment for my shoe a day project. Feeling tall with my sky high wedges. Discovering some heels which are actually very comfortable despite the height. This week was highlighted by meeting new friends through my Ateneo Project management class. My 3rd cycle for my PMP certification is already up for renewal so I had to take the class which started last week and ended this week.

A snapshot of some of the new found friends –


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A Shoe a Day Project

It seemed like I was mostly in flats for the past 8 days. Also realized that VNC shoes were not as durable as I initially thought it would be. Sixteen days with a different shoe each day. Let’s see how far it goes. 🙂




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A Shoe A Day Project

In light of 2 week’s ago shoe snafu (my 2 old shoes giving out on me), I decided to use a different shoe a day.

Let’s see how far this goes. Here are my first 8 day shoe portfolio. 🙂



You can catch my daily shoe diary in instagram.


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Preppy Fashion

Today was Warren’s 11th month checkup. Like any first time mom, I was hoping he’d have a weight and height increase. Fail! Neither budged. His weight is stuck at 10kg and his height at 2ft 4 inches.

Thought this H&M onesie is super cute. He also had an H&M shorts on.



This month, he has acquired quite a few skills like standing with the help of an object, eating on his own, clapping his hands, stronger high-fives, and humming.

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In Camp Wardrobe

Warren seems to be attracted to colorful items these days. We placed him in this Tunnel gym and he’s been looking at the colorful animals and responding to the various sounds made by the toys attached to the gym.

Warren In Camp

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