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Mommy Duties

I’m on mommy duties today! Been running around all day preparing for Warren’s mini-celebration.

Started the day with taking Warren to the hospital for his 1 month doctor’s appointment. Had him wear this Carter’s striped polo onesie. This is for a 3 month old but he seems to be filling it up quite nicely.

Upon arriving at the clinic (Dra. Ann Marie Tan-Ting at Cardinal Santos), we had him weighed. Warren is now 4.5kg (barely 10 pounds) and 55cm long! His new born screening (NBS) is normal. I had the NBS done while he was still at the nursery. NBS is a simple procedure where they take your baby’s blood (drawn from the heel of his foot) to determine if your baby has a congenital metabolic disorder that may lead to mental retardation or death, if untreated. Once detected, treatments can now be given to prevent the consequences of untreated conditions. This must be done within 2-3 days after birth. This is actually covered by Philhealth so it is reimbursable.

On the weighing scale

Warren also had his 2nd Hepa-B injection today. He cried a little and had his kawawa and “I’m inaapi” look on. He’s not supposed to get sick with this injection. The next one would be the big one with the 5-in-1 injection to be administered on his 2nd month.

Getting the Hepa B Shots

After the Shots

After taking Warren home, I went to pick-up his cake at Sweet Afters. I emailed them a cake peg (downloaded a design from Precious Planet) and this is what came out. Love it! What do you think?

Warren's Cake

For Warren’s celebration tonight, our cook Grace served roasted chicken with stuffed potatoes and carrots, buttered prawns, and spaghetti. Achi Lilliam brought Pata Tim (Braised Pork) and Fish. My mom sent over Roasted Pork and Duck, Fish Fillet with Beancurd Hotpot and Birthday Noodles. (Too bad my family still couldn’t see Warren because of the 49day rule!)

Stuffed Chicken

Braised Pork (Pata Tim)

Birthday Noodles (Misua)

This is how much food we have –

The 3 of Us

It was also Ko Po‘s birthday yesterday so we invited her to dinner to celebrate Warren’s birthday with us.

Warren looking at Kopo

Warren with Hubby and Kopo

Blowing Warren’s birthday cake –

Warren with Hubby, Achie and Cousins Bianca and Louie

Blowing Warren's Cake

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