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Simple Travels: Thailand Day 1

Finally landed Bangkok via PAL. Took quite awhile before we got out of immigrations because of the sheer volume of people. We had a bus waiting to take us to our hotel – Grand Centrepoint Sukhumvit Terminal 21. From the bus, I saw a night market near the hotel. Simon, out tour guide, mentioned that the area had the best noodles w hainanese rice. You just have to close your eyes while eating as half naked ladies line up the streets. The hotel is near Soi Kaboey, a popular night area for the men. I guess that’s what makes Thailand different. You can juxtapose these two opposing views in one area. Religious on one side, clubs on the other. Luxury hotels on one side, strip joints on the other. And it seems that tourists don’t mind and rather relish in this contrasting scenarios all lumped up in one place.

anyhow, the hotel is new. It is across Westin Hotel and has a sky train in it. As if the heavens is conspiring against me, there was a HUGE Jaspal store beside our hotel, Terminal 21 Mall. Before I left, I said to myself that I’d only buy shoes from MBK, maybe a few finds from Suan Lum, pasalubongs, and Jaspal clothes, if we happen to find one in the mall we go to. Darn!

The hotel lobby is lavish. I wasnt able to take pictures but will definitely do so tomorrow. The chandelier and the seating area were simply beautiful.

I was supposed to be roomed with another agent but turned out out otherwise. Have the whole room for myself till hubby arrives in 2 days. Should not have booked him an extra night if I knew I’d be alone in the room. Oh well!

The room is lovely! Nice color play of black and white. Simple and modern. I loved the corner table nook on the far side of the room. Instead of your typical office desk, they made a small corner where you can enjoy a nice meal. The curtains are also automated! I want!




The closet in front was also hidden in white panels. Its thte one beside the sink. Love it!

The toilet was divine. Haven’t had a heated toilet since Japan and this one is far more advance. You had a choice of water pressure and nozzle position among others.



Is this being sold in the Philippines?

Best of all, free and fast Internet access. Hoping to do face time with Warren tomorrow! Till tomorrow’s post. Bus leaves for the BITEC center by 720AM. Good night! Sawadeeka! 🙂

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