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Simple Travels: Eating Our Way in Guangzhou

Just came from a trip from Guangzhou. In our 4 day stay, we ate our way through Guangzhou and found the best tasting Roasted Goose in Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant, tasted kofi luak (bat dung) cappuccino in Beijing Road and enjoyed an unlimited amount of inexpensive yummy dimsum.




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Simple Eats: Yidu Bird’s Nest and Shark’s Fins Restaurant

I would have been on track with my diet in China if not for our dinner at this restaurant. Yidu Bird’s Nest and Shark’s Fins Restaurant is located along the Guangzhou river. We were taken there by my uncle and aunt whom I visit every time I’m in Guangzhou. This is my first time in this restaurant despite having passed by it a couple of times before.

The place is HUGE and seems to be a staple for tourists. The food is great! Guangzhou definitely offers one of the most varied type of cooking of all cities in China. I was told that you can eat 1 different dish a day for a few years without repeating the food in Guangzhou. That’s how much variety they have. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures just as much as we enjoyed the food in this restaurant.






















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Simple Travels: Guangzhou Day 2

Having decided to have a hearty breakfast and skip lunch on Day 2, we took our breakfast at the hotel’s 3rd floor which is also known for its Dimsum. We were booked at Guangzhou Hotel. I was able to get a good rate at Agoda even on a last minute booking. We were booked in 2 rooms.

The dimsum selection at the 3rd floor is varied and each and every dish that came out was a delight in the palette.



Shrimp and Mushroom Rice roll

Egg Tart


Pork and Century Egg Congee

Shrimp Dumpling

After breakfast, we took the metro and traveled to Pazhou complex. The 2nd fair, Sign China, was located across DPES. When we got out of the metro, we had to walk a kilometer or 2 to be able to get to the other side.

Amazing architecture



We were off to a full day of checking out what’s new in the industry. We had to endure 5 hours of gasping for air as the smell from the CNC routers and Laser Engravers were horrible. It was like being high on rugby for 5 hours!


We managed to finish the Sign China halls on the 1st floor only. Our feet couldn’t take an hour more so we decided to head back to the hotel at around 4PM.

After an hour or so, we decided to head back to Beijing Lu for dinner. There was a new street we saw that we haven’t explored yet so we decided to walk around that area. Good thing as the place was a hang out spot for the yuppies. It was one restaurant after the other that we found was interesting.

Posing in front of Bumblee Bee and Optimus Prime display


This restaurant was filled to the rims and people were waiting to be seated! We were #77 on the list that just started so we didn’t get to try this restaurant


We decided to try Rukee Hainanese Chicken House. The place was rather small but had a 2nd floor. We were quickly seated –






Our total bill was at RMB87.00. The half chicken order was RMB48.00.

Another restaurant beside Rukee is this dessert place, Tong. We decided to cap our dinner with dessert –

Sticky Rice w/ Mango
The mango was enveloped with this jelly film which was made from dragon fruit. The rice is not your typical white sticky rice but tasted more like beans but they were red rice cooked differently.

Durian Ice Kacha

After a satisfied stomach, we walked back to the hotel for a much needed rest.


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Simple Travels: Guangzhou – Day 1

Barely having time to savor the Philippines from a recent trip in Bangkok, I had to travel again to Guangzhou China to attend 3 fairs – DPES, Sign China and LED China. Since all 3 fairs will be held on almost the same dates, we decided to take a look and attend.

I had to quickly book our flights and hotels. The direct flight to Guangzhou would have cost us roughly PHP18K per person, a bit too much. Plus, the flight outs were not on a daily basis and we had to wait for Friday to fly out. I didn’t want to be away from Warren too long. And, I didn’t want to spend too long in Guangzhou, either. So, we decided to fly to Hongkong. Since the flight was pretty near, I wasn’t able to get any promo seats. I got the cheapest flight booked (which is sadly at 540AM). Got the tickets for around PHP13K each. Booked our hotels through Agoda, PHP6K per room for 3 nights.

Hubby brought me to the NAIA 3 at an ungodly hour – 4AM. Since I already checked us in via the web, the whole process was no more than 5 minutes. Good thing our flight was on time and we arrived Hongkong by 8AM. As if the heavens were working on our favor, the bus to Guangzhou was leaving at 830AM. We didn’t have to wait long before we were enroute to Guangzhou. The bus ride took us around 3.5 hours and we arrived Guangzhou by 12NN.

Waiting at HK Airport for the bus

Enroute to GZH

We decided to have lunch at a nearby place which is famous for their double layer milk. Lunch was cheap. We spent no more than RMB50 for the following food –

Gani savoring the double layer milk

Beef Stew w/ Turnip

Chicken w/ mushroom

Pan Fried Dumpling

A bit on the groggy and sleepy side, we decided to go straight to the fair after checking in. This was my first time to attend these 3 fairs (1 more To do list checked off in my 2012 list). We took the metro to Pazhou complex (my first to try out the GZH metro). The trip was RMB5 / person to Pazhou complex.

With my Metro coins


Lining up at the metro

We were greeted by the DPES fair upon exiting the metro. There were rows and rows of exhibitors displaying a variety of digital printing items.

It was around 10 degrees outside



We decided to call it a day and took the metro back to the hotel at around 5PM.

After resting for a few minutes, we headed to Beijing Road to get dinner and to window shop. This is what the place looked like. I had Gani try out the Almond Milk of Tea Monkey.


After catching dinner at KFC, we headed back to the hotel to catch the much needed sleep.


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Simple Life: A China Adventure Part 3

We slept in today and got out of the room rather late. Was able to briefly see Warren take a bath today via Yahoo Messenger Video Call. We tried out this restaurant beside the hotel. It was nicely constructed with modern interiors. We were ushered to the 3rd floor. They gave us this huge neatly bounded book – their menu. The first few pages were traditional Chinese dishes followed by ‘French’ or ‘American’ dishes such as Spaghetti, Baked spareribs and the like. I was intrigued by their Roasted Goose. Could this be better than the one in HK? Sadly, it was not. The dish was rather small for the price. We ordered a 3-in-1 roasted dish (Roasted Goose, Lechon Macau and BBQ Pork) as well as a Beef with Kailan vegetables. Along with 2 bowls of rice, we paid RMB94.00.





We needed to change our dollars to RMB so we visited the bank afterwards. Turns out they don’t accept dollars with stamped marks. Hence, they did not change half of the money I brought! And since we needed the dollars changed to pay off the stuff we bought, we had a HUGE problem! I was embarrassed to borrow money from Uncle Yap so I was asking my mom to send money via Western Union. Problem is since it is a Saturday, they also do not have CASH to send through Western Union. In the end, I had to call Uncle Yap to borrow money. Very embarrassing!

We visited Beijing Road, site where the old cobbled stones of Guangzhou can be seen. Beijing Road is considered Guangzhou’s night market. It is lined with both named stores and flea markets. A lot of the items being sold now are for cold weather – sweaters, jackets, boots, etc. Hence, I wasn’t able to buy any. I did try our this wedge pump from Staccato. It was around RMB599. A bit pricey so I ended up not buying it.


Since I have been addicted to milk teas in Manila, I tried out a milk tea place here in Beijing road named Tea Monkey. I tried their Almond Milk Tea while Daryl got their Green Tea with whipped cream (similar to Happy Lemon’s Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese). I liked my milky almond drink. 🙂



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