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End of Gue Lai

Finally! I’m able to take a bath today! Following tradition, this is what I used for my first bath –

The Bath Concoction

I call it the bath concoction. It’s made up of boiled leaves of bayabas, Kamias, Mango, Suha (Pomelo), Sambong, Damong Maria and Oregano. It smells like tea and it’s supposed to heal wounds and prevent cold air from entering your body.

After taking a bath, I was then steamed using hot water, sambong and damong maria leaves. The steam is supposed to help remove all unwanted stuff in your body. I sat on a chair with the pail of mixed leaves put at the bottom and a heater apparatus on the pail. I was wrapped in cloth. I perspired a lot in the 30minutes or so that I was wrapped and on the steamer. It felt good after wards. After which, I had a relaxing massage supposedly to close the pores in my body.

Is Po-Gue-Lai or Gue-Lai torture? On hindsight, it wasn’t too much of a burden for me. There were traditional stuff that needs to be eaten. Fortunately, I eat everything! 🙂

For the first 7 days, 2 kinds of tea had to be drunk. I find these 2 teas very helpful. It helped clean my digestive system. I noticed I peed more and more blood came out. After which, you drink another kind of tea (Tong Sim O Cho) till you finish your Po-Gue-Lai. Now, when I drank this tea, my allergies exacerbated so I drank it only once. Traditional Chinese will also ask you to drink a kind of wine (iron wine). However, since I had allergies, my doctor advised me against it. This wine is the most common source of conflict between the person insisting it and the moms. If you are breastfeeding, some people are hesitant with drinking this wine because it gets passed on to the baby. I have tried to look for a scientific study on whether the wine is indeed harmful to the baby or not but have not found any conclusive articles yet.

Chinese traditions also believed that if you eat a lot of ginger, you’d excrete more so this would enable you to lose more weight. Usually, you would mix the ginger on scrambled egg (again, I found I was hypersensitive to egg and chicken lately) or on black chicken. Aside from ginger, sesame oil is also a staple for Gue-Lai. Innards such as Kidney and Liver are also basics in Gue Lai. These are supposed to nourish your blood since you lost a lot during the delivery. They are either stir-fried in ginger and sesame oil or turned to soup.

Aside from these food, some would advocate drinking a lot of Lapu Lapu soup. Boiled in ginger, spring onions and leaks, the Lapu Lapu soup helps you produce more milk and is said to heal your wounds. In addition, you’re also asked to drink chocolate (those in tablea are said to be better versus the powdered ones) and eat fried pigeon.

I am still in the process of researching the benefits and effects of these Po Gue Lai food basics. Will post them once my research is complete.

For now, I’m happy that my Gue Lai is complete. To whatever benefits it may have on me, I will only know when I get older (that’s what the elders say). I’ve satisfied the elders and that’s the most important thing. In the end, it wasn’t too much of a torture. 🙂

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Earning from the Stock Market: The 1 Month Stock Market Project

How fast and how much can you earn from today’s Philippine stock market? Studies have showed that on average and in the long-run, stocks would return a higher margin versus other financial instruments such as the bonds and time deposits. Nonetheless, timing is everything. The time that you go into the market and the time that you cash out is crucial in how much margins you earn.

Back in 2001, fresh out of college, I would diligently put and invest all my salary in the stock market. My salary was very small (as in!) but, on a monthly basis, I’d put everything in the stock market. That did really well for me back then. I’d invest in certain stocks and cash out the following month. I had PLDT shares bought at less than PHP200.00 and cashed out at around PHP400.00. On hind sight, I should have held on to it. 🙂 Anyhow, I did that for 2 years and the returns were pretty good.

Through the years though, I didn’t have ample time to monitor my own stocks so I invested in instruments that still invested in stocks but had fund managers managing it for me. When PruLife introduced their variable insurance products in 2002, I invested in the PruLink Investor Accounts that got invested in Stocks and Bonds. My Growth Fund which I bought in 2005 did incredibly well. Growth funds were invested in 80% stocks and 20% bonds. I recently cashed out to have my funds consolidated. I netted roughly 240% in return. Not bad for a 5 year + period. I must disclose though that I’m a financial consultant for PruLife U.K. and have been so for the past 11 years.

Anyhow, during this Gue-Lai period, I have 3 weeks to closely monitor the stock market. Hence, I’m looking at experimenting and doing what I call the “Stock Market Project.” The objective is simple – invest a certain amount of money on a range of stocks and see how much returns I can gain in a 1 month period. I’m looking at mimicking my 2001 returns. Feel free to suggest stocks to buy but provide your reasons on why you think it is a good buy. I’ll be posting the stocks I’ve bought, as well. 🙂

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Day 9: Baby, Work, Plump out project etc.

Finally got a chance to blog today! Had quite a headache when I woke up. Good thing I had a scheduled massage! 🙂 Getting used to Baby Warren’s routine already. He wakes up at around 6AM, sunbathes for an hour to an hour and a half, takes a bath, poops, and feeds. He sleeps at around 11AM all the way to 330PM. He goes through the routine of getting fed excreting, sunbathing and sleeps for 3-4 hours.

I am happy to post that I’ve lost 1lb. I’m now down to 145lbs. Had 2 soups again for lunch and a spoonful of rice. Rewarded myself with a Dunkin Donut premium chocolate donut. 🙂 Had another soup for merienda. For Dinner, I had 3 soup dishes again! Tried the sans rival dunkin donut. It was good. Haven’t had sugar for quite some time so anything sweet would taste good, I think.

I was able to do some work today. Met with my EA for Souvenirlab. She updated me on what’s happening with the new store that was opened last September 17 at SM Sta. Mesa. Store looks promising. Will post pictures as soon as I get it from her. This will be our third and last store this year. Depending on how the 3 stores will be doing, we’re looking at opening 2 more next year in SM North and SM Megamall. Not sure if I still want to deal with SM though. Looking at trying to get a space at Ayala next year.

Currently watching Biggest Loser! Super kilig with the Raffy-Hazel tandem. They have a guaranteed php750k between them already for getting the top2 spots. Hazel’s down to 150lbs! This show’s inspiring me to lose more weight. Baka maabutan ako when they weigh in on oct 8! I’m targeting to break the 140lb barrier by that time.I’m calling my weight loss my plump-out project.

Will try to blog again tomorrow … Baby’s crying again …

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Day 8 of Gue Lai

My allergies are still bothering me. I think they’ve stopped already but they’re still there. I was told that the medicine would take 6 days before I can see the effect. Its not as itchy anymore unlike the last few days but I have to be constantly in an air-conditioned room. Otherwise, it itches. I would love to be able to take a bath but Chinese customs prevents me from doing so. No bath for 1 month. I’m 1 week in. 3 weeks to go. I’m hoping I can do this. I think I can for as long as my allergies get cured FAST!

Since leaving the hospital, my weight has not gone down again. Stuck at 146! Today, I had Lapu Lapu soup, Bah Kut soup and spoonful of rice for lunch. Had another bowl of Bah Kut soup for snack. I’m hoping I’ll be able to lose 10 more pounds this month during the Gue Lai period. Will see. I’ll be very happy if I break the 140lb barrier.

I’m also looking at trying the Juju cleanse after the Gue Lai period. The Juju cleanse is an “a no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting…. Each of our Juju Cleanse kits contain a day’s worth of detoxifying drinks which keep you nourished while you put aside your spoon and fork for the day and give your digestive system that much needed break.” (Taken from Had friends who’ve tried it and said that it worked for them. Might try the 3-day cleanse diet! 🙂

I’m currently testing a binder for my stomach. Working out a distributorship deal with the principal. It’s usable not just for new mommies but also for those trying to lose that extra pooch. Will blog once I’ve closed the deal. 🙂

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