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Simple Eats: Gustare

I know I know, it’s definitely been a while. I had to recuperate after planning and doing Warren’s party. I thought his party turned out well. Will post pictures soon.

Monday turned out to be a rather busy day, as well. I was asked by my manager to give a talk to the branch. I decided to go for Having Confidence in Selling Investment Products. Quite a tall order for a less than an hour talk. Anyhow, the highlight of the day wasn’t the talk but meeting my brother at Gustare and having a sumptuous lunch at Gustare.

Gustare is a commissary / restaurant owned by Ginny de Guzman who wrote Bake Me a Cake. You may recall that I gave quite a number of these books during Christmas to friends and relatives who love to bake. The dining area of Gustare is small. A long wooden table in the middle serves as a dining area for guests who’d like to dine in. Foods are chosen from their easily accessible freezer. For lunch, I chose their Callos, Steaks and Mushrooms and Arroz Pollo Rice ( recommended by their server). The food were heated and transferred to serving dishes. The Callos and steak and mushroom were fantastic but the rice and the chicken in it were too dry from the re-heating. We capped the lunch with their famous Impossible Cake (moist chocolate cake topped with Leche Flan).






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Simple Eats: Gustare

Tucked in the corner of W Hotel at Fort is a baking kitchen owned by Ginny Reyes, Gustare. Ginny Reyes just recently launched her cake book entitled The Cake Station. Photos were taken by renowned photographer Neil Oshima. Book is definitely world class. When I saw a copy at Fully Booked, I was amazed and surprised to find out that it was made by a Filipino.

My brother and I were scheduled to meet at Gustare last Friday. When I entered, I was surprised to find a long single wooden table laid out with racks and refrigerators surrounding it. Since my brother wasn’t there yet, I decided to wait outside and saw a friend of mine who is working with Ginny on another endeavor, Tully’s. We were then introduced. Chatted for a good 30minutes before my brother arrived.

The restaurant or food service industry is not something new to me since my dad owns a restaurant but there’s a huge difference between managing a restaurant and being the actual chef / baker and owning your business. The passion and the art you put in is different. It’s not just about dthe dollar and cents or about the bottom line. My brother and I chatted with Ginny over her impossible Cake and New York Cheesecake.


I think Impossible cake should have been called Incredible cake instead. I was told the recipe is in her book. It was a combination of Leche Flan on top and very moist chocolate cake at the bottom.

Would go back to try her Strawberry Pavlova next!

What is your idea of a perfect dessert? Are you the fruity type? Chocolate-y? What would you like to have in your dessert?


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