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June Instagram Dump

Wow! We’re half way through 2013 already! Amazing how time flies! June was a month of first. Warren got to travel abroad for the first time and that definitely led to a lot of firsts for him. Compiled a few of my Instagram pictures for June.

1. Simple Travel: Hongkong
Spent the first weekend of June in Hongkong Disneyland with Warren. This was our first family trip abroad. First train ride. First bus ride. First roller coaster ride. A lot of first for Warren. He enjoyed the trip tremendously and the moments were definitely priceless.






2. Prulife: May was a spectacular month for our unit. We hit the company’s all time monthly high. Our unit was the company’s top unit for the month and for that month, we were the overall top unit. As such, our branch broke our previously set record which we celebrated with a sumptuous lunch at Romulo’s.




3. Simple Eats: Currently crushing on Wildflour which opened another branch in Podium. Love their version of pizzas which has a thin base of pastry crust. Their bone marrow dish is also sinfully delicious. The fattiness is nicely balanced by mixing it on bread and topping with salsa. A bit on the expensive side though. Be prepared to pay at least Php1000 per person for a combination of appetizer, main dish and drinks (coffee or their own drink list is a must try!).



4. Business: We participated in our nth Graphics Expo held at SMX Trade Hall. 3 days of marketing our marketing materials and machines.



5. Wedding: What better way to end the month with a wedding by one of my best friends. Best wishes again Ra and Raffy!



Excited for what July will bring! How has your first half of 2013 been so far?


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