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Simple Eats: Kitchitora – The Best Ramen in Town

Finally found the best ramen place in town, so far, with Kitchitora. As you know, H is a big noodle lover. Hence, we’ve scourged and tried a few ramen places around the Metro. This one definitely is the best! The noodles were of the right consistency. The soup was definitely tasty and a result of hours of boiling the right ingredients. Let’s see if their food is consistent on our next visit.


H ordered me this cold noodles with Mapo Tofu sauce. They were out of their famous miso ramen soup. Managed to try some left overs from H’s bowl though. YUMMY!

This is what I call a perfectly poached egg!

Other things to try out for our next visit – Ramen with Crabs.

And of course, we had to cap off our dinner with dessert.

2/F Atrium Mega Mall


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Simple Eats: Mogu in BGC

Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a few weeks now. The past few weeks have been hectic starting off with the various bazaars that we’ve been joining and that I’ve organized.Will post more about that soon. Anyhow, last week, we managed to sneak in a day off from the bazaar selling and took Warren to Bonifacio Global for some leisure time. Despite coming from Japan, my MIL was still craving for some Chirashidon so we decided to give Mogu a try. Mogu did not disappoint. Mogu serves the freshest ingredients in relatively good portion sizes. I’ve been on South Beach hiatus last week though I still shy away as much as possible from rice. Warren though loved the rice so much that he ate quite a lot of it. We mixed the rice with a little of the Harami sauce. More of that later.

Simple Japanese furnishings. This is a no frills Japanese restaurant at the heart of Bonifacio Global Center.

Mogu means bite and shinshen means fresh. Both words that define the concept of this Japanese restaurant.

Spicy Tuna Sushi

Uni Sushi
Milky, fresh and oh so yummy!

Chirashi Don
This is what we came here for and this didn’t disappoint.

Stuffed Squid
Stuffed with tofu and mushrooms, this was a surprisingly good dish. Warren also got to enjoy the stuffings.


This is one of the restaurant’s specialties, prime steak mixed in their special Mogu sauce with Edamame rice. Warren loved the rice and ate quite a bunch along with the Mogu sauce. This is a must try!


Spicy Chicken Cheese Katsu
Didn’t get to try this but by the looks of what’s left, this seems to be a winner as well.

Warren and the Restaurant
Warren loved the food in this restaurant as evidenced by how much food he ate.


Growing up pretty fast, huh?

Bonifacio Global Center


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Simple Eats: Celebrating Achie’s Birthday at Kai


It’s been awhile since I last wrote in this blog’s Simple Eats section. Not because I haven’t eaten out, it really has been rather hectic these past few weeks. Anyhow, I thought I’d post some pictures of the food we ate at Kai in Greenbelt. Achie celebrated her birthday last Saturday at Kai. We brought Warren along and I was able to have him try Gindara and some rice.


Love these uni! It’s fresh, sweet and milky.

So good! Enough said!

Louie and Hubby had their Chirashi Don



Their signature dish, Wasabi Oysters, wasn’t spectacular to me. Didn’t even taste the Wasabi in the oysters.

Gindara Teriyaki

Happy Birthday Achie!


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Simple Eats: Yutaka Izakaya


Tucked beside CCP (Central Colleges of the Philippines) along Aurora Boulevard is this quaint Japanese restaurant run by a Japanese – Yutaka Izakaya. My father tagged me along the other day and has been giving good reviews about it. Rarely do I hear my father give praises to a restaurant so this caught my attention.

I’ve actually been meaning to try this restaurant out since its very near our place but never really got a chance to till this week.

With simple decor, the lunch crowd was a combination of medical students and people working in the area.

We ordered a set of sushi / sashimi / tempura (know as Set C), katsudon, teriyaki chicken and tofu suteki.

The sashimis were really fresh! No edits on the pictures below.

I love the taste of the katsudon. For php130.00, it surely gives Yabu or Saboten a run for its money. No kidding! The breading was just as good. Maybe the pork meat is different but this satisfies my palette already.

The Chicken doesn’t look as good as it taste. The sauce was light without being too salty or sweet.

I love the eggs on the tofu suteki. It was very flavorful.

Will definitely go back to this resto! Maybe I’ll get a chance to interview the chef owner. Total bill was around PHP1700.00.

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Simple Eats: Crazy Katsu

This week has been a week of new discoveries and interesting finds. I have heard a lot about the Teacher’s Village more particularly Maginhawa street and have long wanted to try out the restaurants in the area. Got the chance to do so yesterday when I got picked up by my friends at home. The village evokes a different ambiance. We saw a street lined with various hole in the wall or house-converted restaurants. Lots of interesting restaurants to try!

Yesterday, we decided to try Crazy Katsu first. Its a small Japanese restaurant that can comfortably sit around 30 or so people. Simple but nicely designed, the place seems to be a staple for students studying around the area. Team Manila seemed to have designed the logo and maybe the interiors of the place. A Team Manila shirt with the Crazy Katsu logo is being sold for PHP500.00.

I liked this hanged art –

Chicken Katsu (PHP145.00)
Said to be their specialty, I decided to order this Chicken Katsu. I wasn’t disappointed. It was sweet and spicy at the same time. Nicely fried, the skin was crispy but the meat juicy. It was nicely seasoned. Perfectly balanced with the cabbage, this had me eat a bowl of rice.

Gyoza (PHP120.00)
Nothing special but good nonetheless. It came with a bowl of rice. I wanted it taken out but the price is the same so got it served.

Katsudon (PHP150.00)
My friend Gani had a bowl of this Katsudon. The meat was oh so soft! I actually liked this versus the more expensive version of Yabu and this one is just a fraction of the price!

Fish and Vegetable Tempura (PHP140.00)
Nice and thinly battered, this is a good alternative for those on a diet. The okra is a bit tough but the whole dish is delicious. Simple and fresh ingredients were used for this dish.

Pudding (PHP80.00)
Far from tasting like a pudding, this is more like a Leche Flan. Equally yummy!

Can’t wait to try more restaurants in this Teacher’s Village area! 🙂

81 Unit I Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village,
UP Village, Quezon City
Tel. No. 435-0030

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Simple Eats: Yabu

My brother was telling me about this Katsudon place in Megamall, Yabu. So, after a long day of work, Hubby and I decided to give it a try. Pardon the pictures as I left my Canon S95. Pictures taken using my iPod.


Yabu is located at the 2nd floor of Megamall’s Atrium. It claims to offer the best Katsudon in town. It has a minimalist interior and its walls are lined with Comic type design depicting of a sensei teaching this kid how to make a good Katsudon.


My brother recommended the Kurobuta which is supposed to be their premium Tonkatsu set. As you can read from the menu page I’ve taken, Kurobuta is “also known as Berkshire pig, is the world’s finest pork. It is called the ‘kobe’ beef of pork due to its marbling, softness and flavor.” Hence, with that description, I gave it a try.


Most of their sets came with unlimited cabbage, fruits, miso soup, Japanese pickle and Japanese rice. Their condiments are tasty. I liked both the vinegar and sesame dressing on my cabbage.


This is interesting – they gave me sesame seeds to mash and to mix with the Tonkatsu sauce.


Here’s my Kurobuta



The meat was delicious. It was soft and tender, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. However, maybe it was the fatty in me as I would have preferred one with more fat as the Kurobuta was too lean for me.

On the other hand, Hubby ordered their Rosu Curry. The meat had more fat in it which was better suited to my “fat” liking although I wasn’t in the mood for curry.

All in all, the food at Yabu was good. I haven’t tried Saboten in HK and couldn’t compare it with that restaurant. However, I’ve tried a Katsudon place in Japan and Yabu still has a few miles to go before it matches it. However, overall, comparing it to the katsudon available here in Manila, this place is worth going and trying out. I love how the place was designed. I also like the different Yabu shirts on the waiters. Very artistic!

Will definitely come back to try out their Tonkatsudon, Hire, Chicken Tonkatsu and other food on the menu.

Yabu: House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Monday to Sunday, 10am – 10pm
(632) 576 3900


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Simple Eats: Miyagi

Proud to say that we are considered the FIRST customers of this newly opened restaurant along Timog Avenue, Miyagi. Owned by the group of Peggy de Villa which owns the Laughline chain, Miyagi is an EAT ALL YOU CAN restaurant specializing in smokeless grill and Japanese food. I happened to pass by the restaurant today on the way to the office and invited my dad and his friends to dine for lunch. The price for the lunch buffet from Mondays to Fridays is PHP499.00 while dinners and weekend rates are at PHP599.00.


My initial perception of the restaurant is that it is HUGELY spacious. The design was simple and the whole place was filled with couches. Would have been nice to have separate tables and chairs available also especially for bigger groups of more than 6 people.


In the buffet spread is a wide array of uncooked meat marinated in special sauces. The idea is for you to grill these meats on your own smokeless grill. There’s also a choice of 3 sauces.


Aside from the meats, the buffet also includes sushis and sashimis for appetizers. I had the salmon and tamago sashimis. They were fresh. Other choices were California Maki, California crunch, tuna sashimi and others.


There’s also a good selection of cooked food – Chicken Teriyaki, Battered shrimps, Tonkatsu, stir fried beef with broccoli and others. Since they were still on soft opening, there were no labels on the food served yet.



This was my first plate – combination of appetizer and cooked food.

This was my 2nd plate of meats to grill –

Overall, the food was good. The price was sulit. Try them out and give me your comments!


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