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On Higher Ground: Gary V Concert

H bought the tickets way before we found out that Yaya will be on her vacation. Since they were rather expensive, we didn’t want to cancel or just give it away. It was a night of music and entertainment. It was a 3-hour concert that felt like being invited into the house of Gary V and friends. Ever the entertainer, Gary V and friends sang song after song, singing one hit after the other.Truly entertaining! Oh! We were seated on the 2nd row from the front and right smack in the middle! 🙂

Unfortunately, as I said in my previous post, I forgot to bring an extra SD card for my Canon S95 and my iPhone was about to die on me when the show started. Hence, I have very few pictures and videos. Bummer!

This was my first time to watch at the Music Museum. I know, such an iconic place and it took me 31 years to set foot inside.

While waiting for the show to start, H and I ordered this pica-pica since neither of us had anything to eat. It wasn’t much and it was a bit expensive (I think this is around PHP600+), but the other choices were far less filling.

The show was opened by Quest (hope I got the spelling correctly) who could have passed for Wil I Am just by adding a goatee. He is definitely to watch out for, a true talent. I’m amazed that such a talent isn’t yet a superstar. He would do well in the US.


Gary opened the show in a tight white shirt and pants, white high laced boots and a fencing mask to hide his face. The stage that was very simple when it started got transformed into a computer screen. Definitely love the effects! Kudos to the masters in-charge of the lighting and effects!

Look at the illusion of the band playing with Gary V.


Stage transformed to look like a recording booth with pockets of rooms where the band was located. Check out the guitarist – Juan Miguel Salvador.



Singing the song he wrote that Regine Velasquez became famous for. Didn’t know that Regine’s true name is Chona.

And since Regine couldn’t make it, they recorded it with Sarah Geronimo. Surprisingly, the duet was perfect!



Gary V took a break for some change in clothes. In came, Julianne. This girl is pure talent also. Initially, I wasn’t that impressed with her solo but the duet medley with Gary V was fantastic! It shows the rawness and the freshness of her voice. The arrangement by Mon Faustino was really one for the books also. Clean and smooth transition from one hit song to the next.


Here are a few more pictures from the concert. I loved the set where Gary V and the band sang a set of 80s song and this generation’s songs.


Check out the shoulder pads!


At this point, everyone was up on their feet dancing and clapping! It was definitely a party as the group sang Party Rock!



Of course, no Gary V concert ends without a LONG encore. Gary V sang a few more songs written for the Telenovelas. He called on Jed Medela, who was in the audience watching and sang Natutulog ba ang Diyos together.


The night couldn’t have ended better. By 11:30, we were walking out of Music Museum on a high from the concert. H and I can’t wait to go to Gary V’s 30th anniversary concert next year! 🙂


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