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Simple Eats: K Pop

I was contemplating on whether to write about this post or not. I rarely have bad comments on restaurants we dine in but this will definitely be a first for me.

We were thinking of braving the S&R shopping madness on its first day of sale last Wednesday. When we arrived at 10AM at the Fort (we had came from the Congressional branch and backed out), the line already looped around the parking area. Since I had nothing in mind to really buy except for maybe shampoo and racks, I decided it wasn’t worth the wait. So, we decided to have an early lunch at the Venice, Piazza area at Mckinley Hill. This was my first time at the area. It was smaller than I expected. Thought it had more shops and places to dine at. Turns out it had quite a few.

The restaurant that caught our eye was K Pop. It said QUICK Korean food so in we went. The place was sparsely decorated. You order at the counter and they just serve the food. We ordered quite a handful to try them out – Jap Chae, Bibimbop, Grilled Steak, Korean dumplings, and Korean Pancakes. The bill was around PHP800.00.

They had an open kitchen and we were seated beside the kitchen area. While waiting for the food which took almost 40 minutes (Strike 1! Where’s the QUICK in quick Korean food?) , I peered through the glass and saw the kitchen staff preparing our Korean dumpling. Lo and behold, the staff just used his hands to handle the dumpling. When he saw me peering, he quickly took a Tong to hold the dumplings. Strike 2!

The food wasn’t bad albeit too salty for me. Another table had their Jap Chae returned only to have it served 30 minutes after (I’m not kidding!)


Jap Chae
A bit on the salty side.

Grilled Beef (They have a Korean name for it that I didn’t bother getting anymore)
The beef was already tough when it came out because the grill wasn’t too hot. Oh, their grill was too small for a kitchen. It was like a personal grill only.

My friend said that it didn’t taste anything like a bibimbop. It tasted more like rice with vegetables and pork.

Korean Dumplings
This is a bit on the spicy side. I think too much paprika.

Korean Pancakes
Nothing exceptional but I do like the sauce that accompanied it.

Lastly, while we were asking for water, we saw the server get tap water from the faucet, the same sink area they use to wash their pots and pans! Strike 3! And I thought water served in restaurants are ALL filtered. Doesn’t Mcdonald’s or Jollibee serve filtered water already? I was shocked! We just stormed out of the restaurant.

Definitely NOT going back!

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