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A Second A Day Since Birth

Love this idea! Wonder if I’d have the time to do this video for Warren. I’m sure we have enough pictures and video captured during his first year to do something like this. Amazing how this bundle of joy has grown! 🙂

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Milestone: Warren in School

Thought I’d share a few pictures of Warren during his first few days in school. We decided to enroll him in an infant school already. He started class last July 1. He attends school everyday for 1hr each. I was greatly surprised to find out that he is the oldest in their class of 6 (he’s now almost 1yr 10mos.). The youngest classmate is only 1yr 2mos old! Enrolling him previously in play classes like Kindermusik or Gymboree class has helped in how he interacts with his peers as well as how he managed and behaves in class. Needless to say, snack time is his favorite class (Haha!). I’m actually the one that had to adjust as I’ve had to wake up by 7am already so we can leave the house by 8am for his 9am class (yawn yawn!).

Despite the class being short, they’ve managed to squeeze in a few modules – days of the week, parts of the body, craft session, snack time, story telling and hello/goodbye songs.





One of our decision point was whether Warren was too young for class. However, we decided to enroll him so at least he has a daily routine as well as get to interact with other kids instead of just spending his whole day at home. The class costs quite a bit. We paid Php12k for the first month which can be deducted from the Php80k-Php90k annual fee if we decide to push through. Good thing we’ve saved up for it already last year.


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Preparing for Trick or Treat

Recently bought a plastic pumpkin container for Warren. We’ll be participating in a few Trick or Treat events. Excited for Warren! Here’s a snapshot of him playing with his pumpkin container. He’s enjoying taking out the candies rather than putting it in. Hmmm … That might pose a problem when we do Trick or Treating next week.



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Warren’s 2nd Haircut

Last Sunday, as we were strolling around Eastwood Mall after a hearty lunch at Ramen Bar, we chanced upon Cuts 4 Tots, a salon specifically for kids. Unlike the first one in Podium where Warren had his first haircut, this was a much bigger establishment. They also had more toys and stuff to distract the kids.

This is our before and after haircut. How do you like it?



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