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Simple Eats: Fros+Tea

Another new milk tea place to try – Fros+Tea. A week ago, a few friends and I decided to try Fros+tea which was located across St. Lukes and St. Joseph school along E. Rodriguez Avenue.

I ordered a combo meal which was Php140.00. It consisted of 2 thigh chicken parts, rice and their regular milk tea. It was sulit!



The place was a cool hung-out spot for students across the various universities. Saw that there were a lot of take-out orders also from St. Luke’s Hospital.


Do you think the milk tea craze will last? You think it will be as strong as Starbucks? Or will it fizzle out like the powdered drinks and the youghurts?

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Simple Eats: Boba Milk Tea

Tried out Boba Milk Tea today. They boast of brewing fresh tea leaves and preparing fresh Boba bites every 3 hours. I tried the super classic Boba which was refreshingly good. The server mistakenly served me Assam based tea when I specifically mentioned I was allergic to it. Good thing though was he quickly changed it to Earl Grey Tea base. I like the milk it came with. Wasn’t sure what it was though or what they used but it was good.



The place didn’t have quite the ambiance of other tea places as it was located inside the convenience store. Nonetheless, their tea is worth trying. I like it better than moon leaf’s teas.

World Goodies
Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City

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