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Happy Monday: Week in Photos

After a much needed vacation from Cambodia and Bangkok, I started last week on fire.

On the business front, I submitted a total of 11 cases and presented to 2 prospects. Want to end the year right with this Prulife business.

H and I also celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last Thursday at Sofitel. We got to try the newly opened Spirale. The cheese and cold cuts room is to die for!
This is what my first two plates looked liked. Lots of cold cuts and cheese.

And my third plate …

They have an open kitchen format with 21 ateliers! Gosh, if you can just sit here the whole day and taste everything!
Happy 3rd wedding anniversary hubby!
We got a sweet little cake from Sofitel.


Also had Warren’s 14th month checkup last week. He had a weight increase of 0.6kg and 2 inches in height increase. Yahoo! We’re back to the 50th and 60th percentile, respectively.

Warren was already walking with minimal assistance when I came back. Here’s a picture of warren waking through the hallways of Cardinal.


How was your weekend? Just a few more days to go till a new year unfolds. Time to review my goal list next.



Happy Monday: Of mooncake, St. Jude procession and more

Oh my! A week has already past since I last wrote on this blog. The ber months are just whizzing past like crazy. My weekend calendar for November and December are now full thanks to the bazaar we’re organizing and the bazaars that we’re also joining. Plus, I’ve accepted a few other projects that I’m excited for as well. Will tell you about them more once they materialize.

Last week was highlighted by a Mooncake dice game and night out with our company employees.

Lady Luck must be in the room as 5 of 11 players hit chongwan (the grand prize in the dice game).

It was also a week’s rest from my SBD. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain weight but lost another 1 pound. I’m starting my 2 week SBD again today. Here’s hoping that I lose another 5-6lbs and hurdle the weight barrier. Here’s a few pictures of the food I had last week.


I ended the week with joining the St Jude procession for the first time. It was a rather leisure walk that took almost an hour to and from St Jude church.


Warren is also growing up fast. It seems he has inherited our late night sleeping ways also. We had one night where he refused to sleep and played around with my various books. Based on last week’s checkup, he also hasn’t gained weight and increased in height (booooo!).


Hoping this week is as productive and as memorable as the last.

How was your weekend? What made it memorable?

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Happy Monday: Last Week in Photos

Happy Monday everyone! Thought I’d do a run down of what happened to me last week through my Instagram photos. Been uber busy with things just whizzing past me and Instagram has been acting like a diary for me helping me remember what happened the past few days. So, here goes –

Monday: Was part of a panel in Prulife’s BYB in Edsa Shrangri-la

Monday: Chow Fun was a good food discovery

Tuesday: We were kept awake by Warren till 4AM.

Wednesday: Commemorated ama’s 1 year death anniversary with a family dinner at QCSC. Lihim ni Lola was a food favorite of mine

Thursday: Spent the better half of the day in a Learning Session on conducting one on one meetings

Thursday: Celebrated Warren’s 13th month birthday at home

Friday: Nihonbashtei was a great find.

Saturday: Christmas is around the corner in 168. Spent the day finding prizes for the night’s mooncake dice game



Sunday: Breakfast at Mcdo with Warren enjoying his stroller



Sunday: This is Warren’s day! Spent the whole day with him playing around at the house

So, that’s my week in a nutshell. How did you spend yours?


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