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My Week

Hello Friday! I can’t believe it! The week is in its tail-end already. I feel like the whole week just passed me by. Here’s a run down of what happened this week –


Attended our first branch meeting for the month. Listened to a motivational talk from our sales director. Had a hearty lunch at UCC Cafe with fellow Amber agents and managers. Met with my friend who flew in from the US and my other business partners to discuss some business stuff for ILC, Servotech and Souvenirlab. Ended the day attending Prulife’s Build Your Business presentation in Makati Shrangri-la. Excited to have 1 more person added to the team. We added 3 more to the team last May. I’m targeting to add at least 4 more this month.


Met up with my Souvenirlab staff to go over organizing our data and details. I definitely need to be more organized now. I closed 1 case. Warren registered a 38.8 fever in the afternoon. Night was characterized with very minimal sleep.


We were supposed to get Warren his passport today. I scheduled his appearance today. Too bad! Need to reschedule this again.

We went to the doctor in the morning to have him checked out. He registered a slight fever of only 37.7. A little later though, the story was much more different. Warren’s temperature was getting higher and higher. He even registered a high of 40.2. Yikes! Good thing my cousin is his Pedia. Thanks Che Che Ann! She dropped by and spent a few hours with us teaching my nanny how to properly do a sponge bath. Warren’s temperature went down at 6PM. We called in a manghihilot at around 9PM. Whatever works, right? The manghihilot said that he has sprains in his back and hips. She lightly adjusted it. His temperature improved throughout the night.


I had 2 meetings I needed to attend but was monitoring Warren’s temperature remotely. Our last administration of CALPOL was at 1PM. After which, his fever didn’t go up to 38 and above anymore. I sold another Prulife case today. I even managed to sneak in an hour and half of yoga in the evening.


Warren was definitely back to his normal self today already. I had a 10AM meeting in Shrangri-la which ended rather late. When I went back to the office, I only had 30 minutes and was rushing through stuff since I wanted to do another session of Yoga which I managed to do.

I’m up-ping my diet and losing weight. I have roughly 3 months till Warren celebrates his 1 year. The goal is to lose 20 pounds. A friend introduced me to this plan which I’m planning to start when I come back from Beijing. The plan doesn’t just let you lose weight but rather reduces your visceral fats which in turn makes you healthier. My statistics before the plan is as follows –

  • Whole Body Fat: 31.5%
  • Muscle %: 23.8%
  • Fat: 35.1%
  • Body Age: 46 yo
  • BMI: 27
  • Metabolic Rate: 1356
  • Visceral Fat: 8
  • Weight: 67 kgs

The statistics don’t look good. Body age 46 yo? Yikes! I’ll keep you updated with pictures and these statistics to see if the plan does work. 🙂



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