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The Week in Review

I can’t believe it! It’s already May! 4 months have gone in 2013. I’ve been hustling and bustling month after month which explains the lack of more frequent posts. I still haven’t written about our Japan trip and here comes our Mediterranean Cruise trip which I still have to blog about. Anyhow, it’s 935PM now and I’m still on the road on my way home. Thank God for my Smart Mobile Wifi stick. Thought I’d do a picture dump of what I’ve been doing since May 1.

1. Kindermusik Festival
I’ve enrolled Warren in Kindermusik to hopefully encourage him to start talking but more so that he gets to interact with other kids also. Its been great so far. Teacher Jeannie and company have been so hands-on with each kid. Last May 1, they did a big celebration for all their students. The event was held at The Glass Garden. We participated as a group for Prulife and also participated as an attendee with Warren.
Promoting Prulife at today's Kindermusik event #prulife #kindermusik #work #simplebundlesofjoy
Warren and daddy at Kindermusik Festival #milestone #warren #kindermusik
Spending quality time with Warren ... Priceless! Nice stay-cation #milestone #warren #simplelife

2. Baba’s Birthday
Last weekend, we attended Baba’s birthday party. It was the kiddo’s first time to eat Chicken Joy.
We're at Baba's birthday party! #party #birthday
The pretty baby girl in her fairy costume complete with green wings and tutu #birthday #party #warren
Checking out his merienda at Baba's party #warren #party #jollibee
Eating Jollibee fried chicken #jollibee #warren

3. Wildflour Cafe
Have tried taking out their pastries but haven’t really eaten at this Cafe. Found that their Podium branch just opened and we decided to give it a try. Loved their Bacon Torte (Pizza with pastry crust). Their Parmesan churros was interesting.
Bacon Torte (caramelized onions) #instaplace #instaplaceapp #instagood #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #instacool #instapic #picture #pic @instaplaceapp #place #earth #world  #philippines #mandaluyongcity #wildflourcafe #food #fo

4. The Shanghai Sharks
Yao Ming’s team was in Manila and played The Smart Gilas and The PBA All Star Team. We got to watch the PBA All Star game live. Since the Sharks had a courtesy lunch sponsored by the mayor of Quezon City at Quezon City Sports Club, the Kiddo got to meet the whole team in person and up close. Thought he kinda upstaged the players that morning.
Warren: He's still taller than us daddy! #shanghaisharks #warren #allforthekid
Warren with the Shanghai Sharks. Guess who's the star of the show? #shanghaisharks #warren #allforthekid
Nice way to end the day by watching the PBA All Stars vs Shanghai Sharks

5. TWG
Lunch today was at TWG. Tried their Roasted Apricot Cod and Creme Brulee Tea. Good 1.5 hours of ME time which has been lacking for some time now.
Dining alone has its perks. Roasted Apricot Cod ...
Me Time at #TWG #instaplace #instaplaceapp #instagood #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #instacool #instapic #picture #pic @instaplaceapp #place #earth #world  #philippines #makaticity  #day

How has your May been so far?


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Warren’s Circus Themed Party

Here are a few more posts of Warren’s AMAZING party! Sorry, I’m a proud mama! Proud that this project turned out better than expected. Proud that everything went as planned. No hitches. No hiccups.

Here’s an entrance signage (right picture) I had done by 4th Wall. Love Warren’s smile also in this picture with H. Makes all the planning worthwhile.
Warren 1st Bday Party

Our stage had this header on top. Check out the photos below for our full set design courtesy of 4th Wall.
Warren 1st Bday Party

We had these as our centerpieces. Each table is depicted with a ‘table month’. I printed out month numbers with a photo of Warren on that month. Our table centerpieces were either the faux pop-corn (Yes, they’re fake with glue caramels on top!) or the ferry’s wheel. Each table also had a votive of mini-marshmallow or chocolates. Unfortunately, the guests didn’t seem to be into either so they just ended up being thrown away.
Warren 1st Bday Party

For our program, I commissioned 3 acts (all courtesy of Balloon Republic).

Our host / magician / illusionist is Aldino. I didn’t get to watch his illusion but the smiles and the stares at the kid’s faces was worth it already. To entertain the guests while we were at the church, he did a few games which a lot of the kids participated in as well. Oh, check out the hanging acrobats on the ceiling!
Warren 1st Bday Party

Check out the lighted dance floors which all the kids loved! Warren loved it too and was the first one to crawl around it before the other kids caught on. The floors I rented from 4th Wall, as well.
Warren 1st Bday Party

Warren 1st Bday Party

Warren 1st Bday Party

I also got an acrobat troupe! This I got to watch! They were amazing! Apparently, they were one of the finalists in Talentadong Pinoy.
Warren 1st Bday Party

Warren 1st Bday Party

We also got a balloon twister. Picture on the right. Warren is so into balloons so I could not not have this in his party. Kids and adults got to take home some of his creations. I especially love his fish on hook design.

I think what made this a really kid’s party is the fact that we really had lots of kids on the party. We probably had a little over 50 kids in attendance. Here is a picture of half of them.
Warren 1st Bday Party

More photos to follow.

Balloon Republic
187B D. Tuazon St. Quezon City
415 0671

4th Wall
PH Chua
455 2811 or 929 5203


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Of Cupcakes and Cakes

In any birthday celebration, the cake usually takes center stage. The celebrant’s candle blowing is marked as one of the event’s highlights. Warren’s celebration was no exception. Since we had a circus or carnival party theme, I decided to have a simple powder blue cake accented by a circus elephant for Warren. This was done by my good friend Anna of Sweet Fusion Manila. She likewise did all the cupcakes and the lolliballs.
Warren 1st Bday Party

Warren 1st Bday Party

I bought the cupcake tower from RM Boxes and had the cupcake toppers and striped linings printed by Souvenirlab.

Do you have a cake inspiration? What’s your baby’s 1st birthday party theme? Share them with us! 🙂

Sweet Fusion Manila
Tel: 0947 865 8634

Tel: (02) 404 9607


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Warren’s Circus themed Tickets

Thought I’d share a few inspirations for Warren’s circus themed party. We wanted to have something to entertain the guests while we have not yet arrived at the party. Warren’s water baptism was at 11AM and the time I put in the invitation for the party was at 11AM. Since we had a circus themed party, I had a few vintage games put in to entertain the kids – Dart the Balloon, Pachingko and Spin the wheel. They were given out corresponding fake money prizes that they can use to redeem for toys they like at the redemption booth.

We gave all the kids game tickets at the entrance. Here were a few inspirations for the ticket designs. These were taken from Pinterest boards of various individuals. This app is really saving me tons of time and helping me organize my ideas.






This is our final ticket design and print. A kid gets a tape of tickets with 4 game tickets and a loot bag ticket. What do you think of our design?


SouvenirLab Co. Ltd.
371 3047


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Warren’s Party: Cupcake Toppers

My friend Anna from My Pink Wasabi offered to do Warren’s cupcakes. Excited to see what the cupcakes look like. But I’m sure they’ll be yummy! She recommended the chocolate flavor and that’s what we’ll go for. The kids will definitely love them. Can’t wait to see their faces smouldered in chocolates and icings!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to create some cupcake toppers to make it aligned with my theme. Here are some inspirations I like –


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Circus Themed Invites

It’s crunch time! Time to make invitations for Warren’s party. I have less than a month to go and this should have been distributed early on. Well, verbal invites have been sent out. This is on top of my TO-DO-LIST for next week. Here are some inspirations I have for the invitation –


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Warren’s Circus Themed Party

Warren’s turning 1 in a few weeks! Whoa! How time flies.

Initially, we were thinking of a Lorax-themed birthday party. However, upon announcing to a few close friends what theme we wanted, it seemed that nobody knew who Lorax was. Hence, we decided to switch it up to a circus theme. Here are a few inspirations I had for the theme.

Let’s see how things go and what the end result is. 🙂

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