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Business: Belly Bandit

I’m finally ready to announce my new business! We’re the official and authorized retailed of Belly Bandit here in the Philippines. Since giving birth, I’ve been looking for ways to make sure I get my pre-pregnancy tummy and hips back. Hence, I found Belly Bandit! Endorsed and used by a lot of Hollywood moms such as Kourtney Kardashian, Cristina Applegate, Mariah Careh and Rebecca Romjin, just to name a few!

The Belly Bandit is a postpartum wardrobe staple. While it may just look like a simple band, it multitasks like nobody’s business! Here are just a few of its functions – helps lose inches faster, aids in minimizing stretch marks, accelerates the healing process for C-sections, improves posture, and provides support for breastfeeding. Unlike other compression garments, the benefits of Belly Bandit® extend beyond “Mummy Tummy” to include the other important post-pregnancy physical and emotional issues many women experience. The designs wrap around your specific post-pregnancy needs-every inch of the way back to a flatter belly, slimmer waistline, stronger muscles and confident attitude. Snug, smooth and slimming, Belly Bandit’s® universally perfect fit and patented Stretch and Compress fabric will help you look and feel fabulous, in and out of clothing. Below are just some of the benefits of the Belly Bandit –

* Helps shrink the belly, waist and hips
* Adds support to the upper body while breastfeeding
* Comforts the mid-section after a C-section
* Helps the body lose inches faster
* Helps minimize stretch marks
* Adds support to the back and legs
* Accelerates the healing process
* Streamlines the silhouette to look slimmer in clothing
* Boosts self confidence
* Aids in decreased bloating and swelling
* Reminds you to utilize your core muscles
* Helps to gently persuade muscles back together

To get the right size, simply measure your current tummy (to belly button). All Belly Bandits have an extra 5″ for tightening and extra compression.

XS – 28 – 32”
S – 33 – 37”
M – 38 – 43”
L – 44 – 49”

The Original Belly Bandit is PHP2200.00 and the Bamboo Belly bandit is PHP2800.00 only.

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The first shipment arrives early November and we have 2 of their popular products lines – Original Belly Bandit and the Bamboo Belly Bandit! We’re extending a 10% discount to those that pre-order and pre-pay! Email us at for questions and inquiries.


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