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Simple Travels: Kyomizu Temple, Kyoto Japan

We started our Japan trip traveling to Kyoto to visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site – Kyomizu Temple. Enjoyed the cold weather which is a stark contrast to the heat in Manila before we left. Enjoyed the sights while walking to the Temple.


Hello Kitty Hello Kitty! Pretty in Pink!

Lovely handmade ceramics found in one of the small alleys going to the Temple


Part of the Prulife contingent
The main Buddha in the Kyomizu Temple
Fried cuttlefish
Japanese biscuits and souvenirs
Mom resting after our Kyomizu Temple tour

Watch out for the rest of our Japan pictures.


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Simple Travels: Osaka in Pictures

This is how the city looks like. Quiet. Peaceful. Pictures were taken enroute to Kyoto.

We visited Kiyomizu-dera Temple today, one of the most popular temples in Kyoto and is a World Heritage site awarded by UNESCO. Will post pictures as soon as I get them processed. There’s tons of food pictures and must try stuff when you get here as well as an amazing view of the temple and the activities inside it.

We had a hearty lunch of ramen and tempura at Kyoto’s JR station where we were dropped off for some sightseeing and shopping.

We then proceeded by bus to Heian Shrine, a Shinto shrine built in 1895 for the 1100th anniversary of the Heian capital foundation.


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Prulife’s Build Your Business: Ladies Night

Privileged to be part of this prestigious group of ladies speaking to Prulife recruits on Feb. 11 at Intercon Hotel. If you want to be part of my team, do drop me a message for an interview schedule.


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Simple Travels: The Beauty of Siem Reap

Apologies for the lack of blog post. I’m currently writing this from Renaissance Bangkok where we’ll be leaving for Manila in a few hours. The past few days have been great! I got to check off one of my entries in my 100 TO DO list which is to visit the Angkor Wat. This trip is a free trip that I got courtesy of Prulife U.K. As you may know, I’ve been encashing my other trips and this is the ONLY convention I’ve actually attended. Its been great hanging out with old faces and new acquaintances. Have to do this more often.

We arrived last Monday here in Bangkok and was quickly transferred to another plane bringing us to Siem Reap, Cambodia. According to the tour guide, Siem Reap means the defeat of Siam (old name of Thailand). This place has thousands of temples with Angkor Wat being the largest sand stone structure temple in the world. Built for 35 years with the help of more than 4000 elephants, Angkor Wat is actually one of the UNESCO Heritage sites and is part of the Wonders of the World list.

Day 1 found us arriving at Siem Reap airport at around 3PM. The airport is rather small and provincial but is quite clean. I like the touch on the structure and how they incorporated certain elements into the edifice – wood carvings, tons of statues, and wooden windows.
Siem Reap-13

Siem Reap-12

Siem Reap-14

Bus 2 departing for the hotel
Siem Reap-19

Our hotel in Siem Reap is Royal Angkor Resort and Spa. This is how the hotel looked.
Siem Reap-25

Siem Reap-26

Best thing about the hotel – Jacuzzi Bath Tub
Siem Reap-27

The rest of the afternoon was a free day so we decided to visit the Night Market. Since the city is small, the night market is only 3 km away from the hotel. We took a tuktuk ride to the Night Market. A lot of the items are local while others are imported from nearby countries – Vietnam and Thailand. Negotiation and bargaining was an art that had to be in every shop on every item. Good thing I had my Aunties to help bargain down the prices. The typical bargaining starts at less than 20% from the original asking price. Fortunately or unfortunately, the seller would almost always relent to the bargained price. All shops accept dollars so we did not have them changed anymore. Here are a few of the finds in the Night Market.
Scene when we arrived at around 4PM
Siem Reap-29

Lots and lots of gem stones from the various mountains of Cambodia
Siem Reap-30

Cambodian artworks
Siem Reap-33

Siem Reap-34

Scene when we departed the market
Siem Reap-32

We left the market to catch a dinner buffet at the hotel provided by Prulife U.K. Amidst the Cambodian music, we feasted on a buffet of Cambodian food. Nothing special or unique really. I liked the papaya salad (which is probably inspired by their Thailand heritage). Most were grilled food with some with slight curries. The fruits though were to die for. They were sweet, crunchy and very tasty. SBD goes down the drain in this trip. Managed to shy away from noodles and rice though.

Found this centerpiece interesting. The server said this costs USD$100 in the market.
Siem Reap-36

Dinner on Day 1
Siem Reap-37

Will post more of our Cambodian adventure pictures soon.


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12 year Anniversary

Can you believe it? I have been with Prulife for 12 years already. I can’t even believe it myself. Being a self-proclaimed person with very short attention span and unable to stand routines, I’ve managed to rack 12 long years with this company and counting. I’m entering a very exciting phase with Prulife. My team is growing. And hopefully, we will be our own branch by early next year.


Saw these posters in the Prulife office. Thought they were intriguing and showed the history of Prulife and it’s journey to being a financial giant it is today.





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My Week

Hello Friday! I can’t believe it! The week is in its tail-end already. I feel like the whole week just passed me by. Here’s a run down of what happened this week –


Attended our first branch meeting for the month. Listened to a motivational talk from our sales director. Had a hearty lunch at UCC Cafe with fellow Amber agents and managers. Met with my friend who flew in from the US and my other business partners to discuss some business stuff for ILC, Servotech and Souvenirlab. Ended the day attending Prulife’s Build Your Business presentation in Makati Shrangri-la. Excited to have 1 more person added to the team. We added 3 more to the team last May. I’m targeting to add at least 4 more this month.


Met up with my Souvenirlab staff to go over organizing our data and details. I definitely need to be more organized now. I closed 1 case. Warren registered a 38.8 fever in the afternoon. Night was characterized with very minimal sleep.


We were supposed to get Warren his passport today. I scheduled his appearance today. Too bad! Need to reschedule this again.

We went to the doctor in the morning to have him checked out. He registered a slight fever of only 37.7. A little later though, the story was much more different. Warren’s temperature was getting higher and higher. He even registered a high of 40.2. Yikes! Good thing my cousin is his Pedia. Thanks Che Che Ann! She dropped by and spent a few hours with us teaching my nanny how to properly do a sponge bath. Warren’s temperature went down at 6PM. We called in a manghihilot at around 9PM. Whatever works, right? The manghihilot said that he has sprains in his back and hips. She lightly adjusted it. His temperature improved throughout the night.


I had 2 meetings I needed to attend but was monitoring Warren’s temperature remotely. Our last administration of CALPOL was at 1PM. After which, his fever didn’t go up to 38 and above anymore. I sold another Prulife case today. I even managed to sneak in an hour and half of yoga in the evening.


Warren was definitely back to his normal self today already. I had a 10AM meeting in Shrangri-la which ended rather late. When I went back to the office, I only had 30 minutes and was rushing through stuff since I wanted to do another session of Yoga which I managed to do.

I’m up-ping my diet and losing weight. I have roughly 3 months till Warren celebrates his 1 year. The goal is to lose 20 pounds. A friend introduced me to this plan which I’m planning to start when I come back from Beijing. The plan doesn’t just let you lose weight but rather reduces your visceral fats which in turn makes you healthier. My statistics before the plan is as follows –

  • Whole Body Fat: 31.5%
  • Muscle %: 23.8%
  • Fat: 35.1%
  • Body Age: 46 yo
  • BMI: 27
  • Metabolic Rate: 1356
  • Visceral Fat: 8
  • Weight: 67 kgs

The statistics don’t look good. Body age 46 yo? Yikes! I’ll keep you updated with pictures and these statistics to see if the plan does work. 🙂



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A February Feat

Never mind the picture. It was lifted from a 1×1 ID given more than 10 years ago when I was maybe 30lbs lighter.


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