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Simple Eats: Santouka Hokkaido Ramen

Lovely dinner tonight with Hubby and my Mother-In-Law in Santouka Hokkaido Ramen in Glorietta.

Ordered the Santouka Sets as it was more Sulit than ordering the ala carte. Personally, I thought a set is good for 2 people. However, not knowing this, we ordered 1 set each. A set consist of Rice, Chawan Mushi, salad, pickled vegetables and small sized ramen. Even ordered an extra Pig Cheeks and Boiled Eggs to boot.







I ordered a Tonkatsu set while hubby ordered the Ebi fry set. I must say that the Tonkatsu will give Yabu a run for its money. The sets range from Php450-Php650.

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Simple Eats: Hakkata Ippudo Ramen

When I mentioned that I would be going to Osaka and asked for recommendations on restaurants that we should try, Ippudo Ramen was on top of the list. I had a multitude of people telling me that we should not miss this restaurant. So, on our last night in Osaka, we trudged and found our way to this restaurant in the middle of Namba and Shinsaibashi station. It took us quite a while to get to this ramen place. It was only when we asked the information counter at OIOI station were we finally directed and even then the group was thinking of just looking for another place to eat because our tired feet was already complaining. Good thing we decided to walk and give this place a try,

This place is not your typical Japanese restaurant. The interiors are a bit modern and the dining area is communal. We had good timing as there was no queue nor was there a long wait needed to get seated. A group had just finished and we were seated within 3 minutes of arriving.

Ippudo Ramen prides itself in 2 things – making that tasty soup and their ramen. To make the soup, they boil 3 kinds of pork bones for at least 18 hours. For the noodles, they are made using a special blend of flour called “KAZE.” The rich and milky pork broth mixed with their noodles are a perfect match that makes this ramen place a must-visit one in Osaka, Japan.

I ordered their Special Ramen Akamaru (Y1100.00) and ordered their Chashumen Shiromaru (Y950.00) for mom. They had an English menu ready making it easy to order unlike other Japanese restaurants. I also ordered a large order of Gyoza (Y400.00) to share with the group.

Various pickled vegetables on the table
Mom mixed these with her ramen. I had them as appetizers.

Special Ramen Akamaru

Chashumen Shiromaru

Chashu on my Special Ramen

Perfectly boiled egg on my Ramen

Gyoza – Crunchy on the outside and soft inside

Enjoying our Ramen

一風堂長堀店, 〒542-0081 大阪府大阪市中央区南船場3丁目11−28 tel.: +81 6-4704-7101 ‎
Ippudo, 〒 542-0081 Minamisenba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 11-28
Tel:+81 6-4704-7101


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Simple Travels: Osaka in Pictures

This is how the city looks like. Quiet. Peaceful. Pictures were taken enroute to Kyoto.

We visited Kiyomizu-dera Temple today, one of the most popular temples in Kyoto and is a World Heritage site awarded by UNESCO. Will post pictures as soon as I get them processed. There’s tons of food pictures and must try stuff when you get here as well as an amazing view of the temple and the activities inside it.

We had a hearty lunch of ramen and tempura at Kyoto’s JR station where we were dropped off for some sightseeing and shopping.

We then proceeded by bus to Heian Shrine, a Shinto shrine built in 1895 for the 1100th anniversary of the Heian capital foundation.


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Simple Eats: Kitchitora – The Best Ramen in Town

Finally found the best ramen place in town, so far, with Kitchitora. As you know, H is a big noodle lover. Hence, we’ve scourged and tried a few ramen places around the Metro. This one definitely is the best! The noodles were of the right consistency. The soup was definitely tasty and a result of hours of boiling the right ingredients. Let’s see if their food is consistent on our next visit.


H ordered me this cold noodles with Mapo Tofu sauce. They were out of their famous miso ramen soup. Managed to try some left overs from H’s bowl though. YUMMY!

This is what I call a perfectly poached egg!

Other things to try out for our next visit – Ramen with Crabs.

And of course, we had to cap off our dinner with dessert.

2/F Atrium Mega Mall


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Simple Eats: Ryu Ramen and Curry

After a visit to the Hospital, we were famished. We decided to try out Ryu Ramen and Curry along Tomas Morato.

Their Tantanmien was already sold out so we tried their Spicy Miso Ramen (not on menu), Gomoku Ramen, Tori Katsudon Curry, Chicken and shrimp Gyoza, and Ebi tempura. Total bill was Php1300.










Ryu Ramen and Curry
Tomas Morato beside California Berry

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Simple Eats: Ramen Bar

Having just had our myofaxial therapy at the Eastwood Libis area with Dr. Au, we decided to have an early lunch last Monday at Ramen Bar. Ramen Bar is located at the ground floor of the Eastwood mall.Its a quaint restaurant. The menu and the ambiance felt like I was transported back to Momofuku Bar in New York sans the people queuing outside. Hubby and I have been looking for a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese ramen – one that has kakuni instead of just chasyu on their ramen. And we found it here at Ramen Bar!

The place has a modest interior but I’ve always loved Japanese simplicity. 🙂

Here is their offering. Nice, its focused and not too many stuff to choose from.


Kakuni Buns (PHP180.00)

We had the same stuff ordered in Momofuku. This is pork belly wrapped in white bun. In Chinese, we call this Kua Pao. I liked the spicy sauce on top. The pork belly was too fatty even for me but it was definitely tender.

Super Chasyu Ramen (PHP380.00)

The description said Soy Infused Ramen topped with overflowing slices of Chasyu and Tamago. The Tonkatsu is pork bone soup boiled for 20 hours. The soup was very tasty! The Chasyu slices were thin and tender. The eggs were not your typical tamago, they were more like soy eggs. No complaints as they were tasty.

R.B.S. # 1 (PHP380.00)

This ramen was topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu and kakuni. The kakuni definitely made it worth it. Too bad there wasn’t a ramen with just the kakuni on it. Kakuni is braised pork belly. Unlike the ones in the Kakuni buns, this didn’t taste like eating fats only. The soup definitely made a lot of difference, as well.

Over-all, the food was lovely. The kakuni in the ramen was very tasty and made the ramen authentic. We will definitely be bringing my mother-in-law to this place when she comes back from her trip abroad. We were able to get a 50% off discount for their ramen using the Enjoy voucher (Buy 1 take 1 on ramens of equal or lesser price).

Ramen Bar
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis

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Simple Eats: Ramen Cool

Kapitolyo is on a roll! Its becoming a gastronomic heaven with the street lined up with new restaurants, new concepts, and awesome food. From the outside, you’d know that Ramen Cool isn’t a mom and pop restaurant. It had its own constructed structure and ample parking spaces, something unique to the Kapitolyo area. The ambiance of the place was simple yet nicely done.

I love their logo –

I liked the interior of the space and how they were able to maximize the area. The place still looked airy and there were ample booths to make your dining a little more private.


The menu had a selection of ramen, donburis, and sushis.


Sukiyaki (PH210.00)
I ordered the sukiyaki. Its a big dish. I wasn’t able to finish the whole bowl on my own. It had an ample amount of beef serving as well as vegetables.

Composed of 4 pieces of lean meat.

Tempura Ramen (PHP195.00)
Hubby ordered this. He found it a bit bland. I guess you’d have to put the sauces or seasoning they had on the side to make the dish tastier.

Salmon Roll (PHP225.00)
The server didn’t know what was on the dish and couldn’t recommend a good sushi for us. So we ordered what looked good. The taste is good and the ingredients fresh. The only criticism I have is that the rolls weren’t as packed and so they’ll fall off easily upon picking them up with your chopsticks.

Out total bill was PHP770.00.

25 East Capitol Drive,
Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig


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