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Last Weekend: Church and Kaochi Restaurant,

We have been bringing the little bundle of joy to church every Sunday without fail since January. The little one would clasp his hand every time he’d enter church and see the cross. How cute is that?

Last Sunday, after church, we trooped to Kaochi Restaurant for a family lunch. I’ve been to this place a few times but we’d normally order their short orders that’s good for two. This was the first time for me to try out their food for family sharing. Though food was so-so, I felt like the portion size was too small for the price. The little one enjoyed playing with Achi Baba and a game of pretend train play.

I’ve been using Camera360, a free phone app since the start of August. This is a perfect selfies app. Loving the filters which is essentially an auto-beauty shot or filter. It also has a collage feature (as seen above) and cartoonized filter. Here are some selfies taken with the little one last week using the app.




So, how was your weekend?


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Simple Eats: Miyabi

Been exposed to quite a few Japanese food lately but still find myself craving for more. Will tell you more about it in the next few weeks or so once the current project I’m working on can be formally announced.

Our Ninang recommended this restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pan Pacific Hotel. Being the rice guru, she said that this place serves authentic Japanese rice and not your usual daya ones. So, we trooped to Manila and decided to give this a try this month.

Hubby ordered this Tamago Tofu for our appetizers. Yummy! A definite must try if you’re here –


Also ordered their Cuttlefish Teriyaki (Php250). Nothing special to note about though.


Hubby and Mother-in-law each ordered a Jumbo Chirashi Jo (Php980) which was supposed to be composed of imported ingredients. Both thought that Nihonbashitei served better Chirashi Don than Miyabi.


I ordered this Tokujo Bento Box (Php1080) with Gindara Teriyaki, sushi and tempura. The sushi and tempura were really good. The Gindara was so-so.


Unlike other restaurants, Miyabi has an encyclopedia like menu. Too many options, too little stomach.


Till next time!

2nd Floor Pan Pacific Hotel, Gen Malvar Street Adriatico Malate Manila
Tel No.: (02) 536 0351 – 54

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Simple Eats: Nihonbashtei

Another Japanese foodie adventure – Nihonbashtei. Heard a lot of good reviews so we decided to try this Japanese restaurant out. This was a good break from my South Beach Diet but still shied away from rice and carbs.

For me, the most important thing in Japanese food is the freshness and quality of its ingredients. You can’t get any simpler than Sushis – raw food has to be definitely fresh without a bad aftertaste.

For starters, we ordered Salmon and Tamago Sushi. The servings for the sushi were quite big.

Hubby and my mom-in-law ordered Chirashi Don while I ordered their basic Bento. The Chirashi Don came with super fresh Uni. My mother-in-law who frequents Japan was impressed by the quality of the Salmon Roe and the Unis. My bento box was actually too big for me. It even came with rice and miso soup. I shared my pork katsudon and tuna sashimis with hubby. Aside from the 2 mentioned, my bento box had sea weed salad (yummy!), tofu, beef and pork teriyaki, tamago and grilled salmon. For Php320.00, this bento box was sulit!

Feeling that the food might not be enough, hubby ordered their Ankake Ramen, which was supposedly a house specialty. Turns out, this was worth coming back to. But I was just too full to try a bowl plus this was against my SBD.



Our total bill amounted to a little less than Php2000. Not bad for Japanese food, right? Better yet, not bad for this quality.

806 Arnaiz Ave. Pasay Road Makati City

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Simple Eats: 50% Sale in Bistro Restaurants

Just saw this amazing food sale from Citibank for Bistro Restaurants on specified dates. 50% off for a min receipt of Php2500 and max receipt of Php5000. Krazy Garlik, Bulgogi Brothers, Italiannis and more are ALL included. Check out the dates for the corresponding sale per restaurant.


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Simple Eats: Greeka Kouzina

Looking for an affordable yet authentic Greek restaurant? Troop to Greeka Kouzina! It’s just located along P Guevara street in San Juan.

We tried this restaurant out for the first time today and it will definitely not be the last. The place is warm and inviting and good for meetings and long casual conversations. The food is definitely one to go back for with portions meant to be shared.

For starters, Hubby ordered their Eggplant dip with pitas. This is a perfect starter for our group. Celine, a fellow blogger, ordered their Fig Roka Insalata which was big enough for 5 people. For entrees, H ordered their Roasted Lamb shoulders. The lamb shoulders were your fall off the bones typed. It was perfectly marinated with 2 sauces to choose from. In addition, you also get to choose your own sides. Hubby chose moussaka which was not your nakakasuya type. Since I am still on my 14day South Beach diet, I simply took a bite of the dishes the group ordered. Needless to say, I’ll be coming back once this diet is completed. 🙂

Do you know of an alternative Greek restaurant place?

Greeka Kouzina
285 Units 4-5, P. Guevarra St.,
1500 San Juan, Philippines



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Simple Eats: Gustare

I know I know, it’s definitely been a while. I had to recuperate after planning and doing Warren’s party. I thought his party turned out well. Will post pictures soon.

Monday turned out to be a rather busy day, as well. I was asked by my manager to give a talk to the branch. I decided to go for Having Confidence in Selling Investment Products. Quite a tall order for a less than an hour talk. Anyhow, the highlight of the day wasn’t the talk but meeting my brother at Gustare and having a sumptuous lunch at Gustare.

Gustare is a commissary / restaurant owned by Ginny de Guzman who wrote Bake Me a Cake. You may recall that I gave quite a number of these books during Christmas to friends and relatives who love to bake. The dining area of Gustare is small. A long wooden table in the middle serves as a dining area for guests who’d like to dine in. Foods are chosen from their easily accessible freezer. For lunch, I chose their Callos, Steaks and Mushrooms and Arroz Pollo Rice ( recommended by their server). The food were heated and transferred to serving dishes. The Callos and steak and mushroom were fantastic but the rice and the chicken in it were too dry from the re-heating. We capped the lunch with their famous Impossible Cake (moist chocolate cake topped with Leche Flan).






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Simple Eats: Sonja’s Cupcakes

Reason for the weighing scale not budging? Hmmm … SWEETS! Too tempting! Can’t resist! Finishing up a meeting the other day at the Fort area, hubby wanted me to buy something home and I decided on Sonja’s cupcakes. I tried the cookie dough cupcake while hubby ate the Choco Overload. I loved the cookie dough (notice there is 2 in the box). Hubby’s choco overload was definitely overloading with chocolate. It felt like you were biting into a bar of chocolate instead of a cupcake! So good … Once in a while, I really just had to have desserts to relieve the stress. 🙂

Sonja's cupcakes


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Simple Eats: Kanzhu

Had lunch at Kanzhu today. Their best seller? Their hand-pulled noodles. Hence, we ordered their Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup, Beef Fried Noodles, Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice, Tomato egg and Pork and chives dumpling. Total bill was PHP640.00.


Beef Fried Noodles

Tomato and Egg

Beef and Tendon Noodle Soup

Chorizo Fried Rice

Pork and Chives Dumpling

I didn’t like my noodle soup as much. Loved the simplicity of the Tomato and Egg dish. It was a perfect complement to the Chorizo Fried rice. The pork and chives dumpling is also a winner.


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Simple Eats: Cold Layers

After my stint at the Nail Spa Lounge, I wondered around NorthEast Square looking for a place to hang out while waiting for hubby to arrive. Located in the 3rd floor, I found Cold Layers. I’ve been hearing good things about this dessert place and decided to try it out. I had this below – it’s a combination of Milk Essence, Egg Pudding and Milk. Its like the dessert I had in Taiwan – Ice Katcha. I like the smoothness of the ice and how it slowly melts in your mouth. This one is just PHP135.00. Good thing hubby arrived or else I’d have finished the whole thing by myself though they claim that this has a lot lower calories than ice cream. 🙂

Cold Layers

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Nomama Artisenal Ramen: Modern Japanese

Nomama Artisenal Ramen: Modern Japanese.

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