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Simple Eats: Hakkata Ippudo Ramen

When I mentioned that I would be going to Osaka and asked for recommendations on restaurants that we should try, Ippudo Ramen was on top of the list. I had a multitude of people telling me that we should not miss this restaurant. So, on our last night in Osaka, we trudged and found our way to this restaurant in the middle of Namba and Shinsaibashi station. It took us quite a while to get to this ramen place. It was only when we asked the information counter at OIOI station were we finally directed and even then the group was thinking of just looking for another place to eat because our tired feet was already complaining. Good thing we decided to walk and give this place a try,

This place is not your typical Japanese restaurant. The interiors are a bit modern and the dining area is communal. We had good timing as there was no queue nor was there a long wait needed to get seated. A group had just finished and we were seated within 3 minutes of arriving.

Ippudo Ramen prides itself in 2 things – making that tasty soup and their ramen. To make the soup, they boil 3 kinds of pork bones for at least 18 hours. For the noodles, they are made using a special blend of flour called “KAZE.” The rich and milky pork broth mixed with their noodles are a perfect match that makes this ramen place a must-visit one in Osaka, Japan.

I ordered their Special Ramen Akamaru (Y1100.00) and ordered their Chashumen Shiromaru (Y950.00) for mom. They had an English menu ready making it easy to order unlike other Japanese restaurants. I also ordered a large order of Gyoza (Y400.00) to share with the group.

Various pickled vegetables on the table
Mom mixed these with her ramen. I had them as appetizers.

Special Ramen Akamaru

Chashumen Shiromaru

Chashu on my Special Ramen

Perfectly boiled egg on my Ramen

Gyoza – Crunchy on the outside and soft inside

Enjoying our Ramen

一風堂長堀店, 〒542-0081 大阪府大阪市中央区南船場3丁目11−28 tel.: +81 6-4704-7101 ‎
Ippudo, 〒 542-0081 Minamisenba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 11-28
Tel:+81 6-4704-7101


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Simple Eats: Chow Fun

After a late night work at Edsa Shrangri-la, I was famished. The presentation served carb dishes – pastries, pansit bihon, breads and other items – all of which are against my current South Beach Diet. As we passed by J Abad on the way home, we noticed a fairly new resto and decided to give it a try. We were a bit hesitant at first as we were the only customer at that time. It was 930 though so maybe they don’t have the late night crowds.

Chow Fun puts a spin to Chinese food. Targeted at a much younger demographic, the menu is kept simple yet interesting with a lot of items to look forward to in our next visit.

For starters, hubby decided to order this Lechon Macau Bun (Php140+). Based on his reaction and comments, this one is definitely a must try. The pickled vegetables and the peppered hoisin sauce smoothly balances out the fats on the pork belly. Too bad I’m on SBDiet.


For entrees, I ordered their Spareribs (Php345+) and garlic broccoli and mushrooms with dried scallops (Php175+). The spareribs was good for 2-3 people. It wasn’t your very juicy type but it was alright. I love the vegetable dish I ordered though. Love the amount of garlic and the crispness of the broccolis.


The ambiance was simple yet well thought of. I love the lights and the red couches along with the hanged pictures on the cement walls.


Chow Fun
J Abad Santos, San Juan

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Simple Eats: Bale Dutung

Dining at Bale Dutung is not just all about good food but also a lecture on Filipino food appreciation. Husband and wife tandem Claude and Mary Ann Tayag welcomes you with open arms with their home cooked yet elegant Filipino dishes. Theirs is driven by a passion to promote Filipino food and Kapampangan food to the international level market. This is definitely a satisfying gustatory experience.

This 2nd trip to Bale Dutung is courtesy of our Prulife branch incentive. Quite a number qualified for this Amber specific gustatory experience.
The whole Bale Dutung contingent

The 10 course degustation started with a refreshing welcome drink of dalandan and muscovado. On the table, we were served Salabat juice and water to quenched our thirst and our palette.

Ensaladang Pako
Fern Salad in simple sauce. I didn’t know that fern was expensive elsewhere. New Yorkers would serve fern with Foie Gras. Japanese eat loads of fern because of its nutritional content.

Piniritong Lumpiang Ubod sa Claude’9 Oriental Sauce
This is fried all-vegetable spring roll with lemon coriander and Thai basil sauce. This had a very simple and clean taste. A very good palette cleanser for what’s to come. Food modeled by Ro. 🙂

Inasal na Manok at Claude’9 Talangka Rice
This is BBQ chicken wings with lemon grass marinade and crab fat rice. I enjoyed that the chicken wings were marinated using lemon grass. You could definitely taste it. I would have eaten this as it is but I was curious to taste what a 12 year old vinegar would taste like so I had to dip it into the vinegar which were provided to us. I enjoyed the talangka rice.


Adobong Pugo
When Mary Ann said that they’ll be serving Pugo, I thought she was referring to the quail eggs. Was surprised to find out that they’d be serving quail itself. Quail is very similar to the Chinese pigeon but without the hefty price tag. In Pampanga, we were informed that even tricycle drivers have this for lunch. Cooked adobo style (in vinegar, soy sauce, etc.), I enjoyed this dish, as well.

Talangka Sushi Hito at Balo-Balo Sushi
Inspired by the Japanese sushi, the Tayags created these sushi using our very own Talangka which is crab fat. Could these talangka equate to the Japanese Uni? In the end, its really all about marketing and customer demand. Filipinos should support Filipino food just as Koreans, Japanese and Chinese support their food.


Bulanglang Kapampangan na may Tian ng Bangus, Ulang at Tadyang ng Baboy
This dish was one of my favorites. The Kapampangan way of cooking this dish was to make thick broth out of native guava and taro. The soup is then laddled over your choice of fish, spareribs and various vegetables. We were advised to choose between white and brown rice which can be put onto the soup. I preferred mine separated. Ro mixed the following seasonings which made the soup even tastier – patis, chili, bagoong and calamansi.

Mary Ann had to explain the process of getting the soup. First, you get your ingredients then the soup then the rice. There was a group of Italian tourists who I found were really fascinated with the food served at Bale Dutung – Filipino food at its finest.



Tortillang Lechon (Crispy roast pork flakes on a tortilla)
What Filipino fiesta would be complete without Lechon? I was excited to try this again. Crispy pork flakes topped on tortilla and further topped with tomatoes, cilantro and their special Korean pesto sauce.




Begucan Sisig Babi at Ensaladang Talong (Pork cooked in shrimp paste with grilled eggplant)
This dish started off with a short history of where Sisig actually came from. Nested inside an eggplant were selected pork parts cooked sisig style. Sisig was actually kilawin originall

Kare-Kare Lamang Dagat
This dish deserves 2 pictures! I was so full from the past 8 dishes served but couldn’t resist finishing the plate provided to me. I couldn’t manage to eat rice anymore but even without it, this dish was oh so delicious. If I wasn’t as full as I was, I would have gone for seconds and thirds.


Dessert: Paradiso
A perfect end to this 10 course degustation is this dessert which is a combination of yam, coconut, and eggyolk in water buffalo milk. It had the right sweetness and creaminess to cleanse the palette.

Bale Dutung
Villa Gloria Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga
Mobile: 09175359198 (02) 6684038, (02) 5024527


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