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Last Weekend: Church and Kaochi Restaurant,

We have been bringing the little bundle of joy to church every Sunday without fail since January. The little one would clasp his hand every time he’d enter church and see the cross. How cute is that?

Last Sunday, after church, we trooped to Kaochi Restaurant for a family lunch. I’ve been to this place a few times but we’d normally order their short orders that’s good for two. This was the first time for me to try out their food for family sharing. Though food was so-so, I felt like the portion size was too small for the price. The little one enjoyed playing with Achi Baba and a game of pretend train play.

I’ve been using Camera360, a free phone app since the start of August. This is a perfect selfies app. Loving the filters which is essentially an auto-beauty shot or filter. It also has a collage feature (as seen above) and cartoonized filter. Here are some selfies taken with the little one last week using the app.




So, how was your weekend?


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