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Simple Eats: No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Singapore

When in Singapore, do what the locals do – Eat, Eat and Eat. Where did my diet go? It went out the door the moment we stepped into the island of Singapore.

One of Singapore’s well-known dishes is its Chili Crab. And of course, we had to try what people have been considering to be the best Chili Crab in the island – No Signboard Seafood Restaurant. We took the MRT going to their main branch located in Geylang road. The ride cost is SGD1.80 each.
Was a bit surprised to find an outdoor setup. Since we didn’t have reservations, we were escorted to another side of the restaurant.

Chili Crab: SGD50/kg
We were served a pretty big crab with lots of meat in it. The sauce was on the spicy and salty side. It was so-so for me. Actually, I preferred the one in Thailand, Somboon. Will try another restaurant known for their chili crab tomorrow.

No Signboard Beancurd: SGD20
Reminded me of the lomi sauce. Good combination of beancurd, mushrooms and vegetables.


Salted Egg Shrimps: SGD25
This was a nice dish. Loved the salted egg sauce.


All in all, the food we ordered was so-so. Hoping to try a better chili crab tomorrow. I personally prefer one that’s a bit on the sweet and spicy side.

We took a taxi going back to Orchard. The ride costed us SGD10.
No Signboard Seafood
414 Geyland Road


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Simple Eats: Somboon Restaurant

Simple Eats goes overseas again! Another great restaurant in Thailand is Somboon Restaurant. Somboon restaurant currently has 5 branches around Bangkok. Its known for its seafood and is famous for their Fried Curry Crab. I ate here twice during my recent trip to Bangkok.

The first one was courtesy of Prulife U.K. while the 2nd one was with hubby. With hubby, we walked all the way to Somboon from MBK. Its doable but not recommended. Its roughly a 30minute walk from MBK.


Curry Crab Meat
For those that just want the pleasure of eating and not the hassle of having to take the meat from its shell, this one is PERFECT! We ordered the medium size since there was just 2 of us. Would you believe we finished the whole plate???



Prawns on Noodles
This was a disappointment. It was cooked ala Salt and Pepper. We barely touched this dish.

Tom Yum Goong
Loved this dish. The spices were not too overpowering. The prawns were huge and the apparatus kept it warm till the last drop.


Total bill was roughly B1200.

Try out any of their branches when you go to Bangkok! So worth it!


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