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Off to Hawaii

Leaving this afternoon for Hawaii. Can’t wait to explore the beautiful beaches of Waikiki and get immersed with their Polynesian culture. More posts once we arrive. Heard we have free wifi in our hotel – Waikiki Marriott.

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Simple Travels: Korean Food

Today’s lunch was included in our tour. Consisted of traditional and delicious Korean food. The side dishes were of unlimited refills. For our main dishes, it consisted of 2 fish variety and 1 pork dish. The pork dish was so good that we ordered another serving (KRN15,000). The order turned out to be 3 times the size of what we originally had. Finished the food nonetheless. So yummy!







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Simple Travels: Kyomizu Temple, Kyoto Japan

We started our Japan trip traveling to Kyoto to visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site – Kyomizu Temple. Enjoyed the cold weather which is a stark contrast to the heat in Manila before we left. Enjoyed the sights while walking to the Temple.


Hello Kitty Hello Kitty! Pretty in Pink!

Lovely handmade ceramics found in one of the small alleys going to the Temple


Part of the Prulife contingent
The main Buddha in the Kyomizu Temple
Fried cuttlefish
Japanese biscuits and souvenirs
Mom resting after our Kyomizu Temple tour

Watch out for the rest of our Japan pictures.


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Simple Eats: Hakkata Ippudo Ramen

When I mentioned that I would be going to Osaka and asked for recommendations on restaurants that we should try, Ippudo Ramen was on top of the list. I had a multitude of people telling me that we should not miss this restaurant. So, on our last night in Osaka, we trudged and found our way to this restaurant in the middle of Namba and Shinsaibashi station. It took us quite a while to get to this ramen place. It was only when we asked the information counter at OIOI station were we finally directed and even then the group was thinking of just looking for another place to eat because our tired feet was already complaining. Good thing we decided to walk and give this place a try,

This place is not your typical Japanese restaurant. The interiors are a bit modern and the dining area is communal. We had good timing as there was no queue nor was there a long wait needed to get seated. A group had just finished and we were seated within 3 minutes of arriving.

Ippudo Ramen prides itself in 2 things – making that tasty soup and their ramen. To make the soup, they boil 3 kinds of pork bones for at least 18 hours. For the noodles, they are made using a special blend of flour called “KAZE.” The rich and milky pork broth mixed with their noodles are a perfect match that makes this ramen place a must-visit one in Osaka, Japan.

I ordered their Special Ramen Akamaru (Y1100.00) and ordered their Chashumen Shiromaru (Y950.00) for mom. They had an English menu ready making it easy to order unlike other Japanese restaurants. I also ordered a large order of Gyoza (Y400.00) to share with the group.

Various pickled vegetables on the table
Mom mixed these with her ramen. I had them as appetizers.

Special Ramen Akamaru

Chashumen Shiromaru

Chashu on my Special Ramen

Perfectly boiled egg on my Ramen

Gyoza – Crunchy on the outside and soft inside

Enjoying our Ramen

一風堂長堀店, 〒542-0081 大阪府大阪市中央区南船場3丁目11−28 tel.: +81 6-4704-7101 ‎
Ippudo, 〒 542-0081 Minamisenba 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 11-28
Tel:+81 6-4704-7101


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Simple Travels: Osaka in Pictures

This is how the city looks like. Quiet. Peaceful. Pictures were taken enroute to Kyoto.

We visited Kiyomizu-dera Temple today, one of the most popular temples in Kyoto and is a World Heritage site awarded by UNESCO. Will post pictures as soon as I get them processed. There’s tons of food pictures and must try stuff when you get here as well as an amazing view of the temple and the activities inside it.

We had a hearty lunch of ramen and tempura at Kyoto’s JR station where we were dropped off for some sightseeing and shopping.

We then proceeded by bus to Heian Shrine, a Shinto shrine built in 1895 for the 1100th anniversary of the Heian capital foundation.


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Simple Travels: Ohayo!

Ohayo Gozaimasu! I’m now in Osaka with my mom courtesy of Prulife U.K. Just checked in at Imperial Hotel which feels more like an European hotel than the small cramped Japanese one. We just had a very filling Barbeque buffet dinner. Will post pictures as soon as we get back.

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Simple Travels: Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm

We stopped by Angkor Thom, formerly the capital of Cambodia, for a short toilet break and to change our soaked shirts. I brought an extra shirt with me knowing that I’d be drenched in sweat in Angkor Wat.

The entry to Angkor Thom is a narrow passage that can only fit 1 bus. Hence, entering and exiting Angkor Thom would require both ways taking turns. The pathway was also lined with some of these statues both with and without heads on (as some were stolen and sold as antiques).
Siem Reap-69

Angkor Thom is also abundant with various pagodas which unfortunately most were being renovated because they’ve been severely damaged. The lush greens and the jungle ahead gives you an idea of what this place looks like in its heydays.
Siem Reap-70

After a short break, we proceeded to Ta Prohm, site where The Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie was shot. The entry way to Ta Prohm was also a small structure whose rock formations depicted the head of a buddha.
Siem Reap-71

Siem Reap-74

After walking through an alley of lush green forest with some monkeys lurking in the background, you’d come to see this structure –
Siem Reap-76

The entry way leads to this bridge –
Siem Reap-79

Which leads to this pagoda –
Siem Reap-81

Ta Prohm is rather dilapidated. However, the trees that have survived make for an interesting site to see. Likewise, as you enter deeper into Ta Prohm, you can also see several other smaller pagodas inside.
Siem Reap-84

Siem Reap-86

We took a group shot of our bus 2 group in one of the oldest trees in Ta Prohm.
Siem Reap-88

Some of the structures had these carved in them –
Siem Reap-89

Siem Reap-93

Another picture inside the pagoda with another old tree –
Siem Reap-91

As we walked deeper into the main pagoda, we eventually ended up in this famous tree and entry way where the Tomb Raider movie was shot. Unfortunately, you can’t get into this entry way.
Siem Reap-98

A closer look at the entry way and why it appealed to the producers of the movie. Very rustic. Very Indiana Jonesy type.
Siem Reap-99

Ta Prohm was our last tourist stop. We were all famished and had a hearty lunch in a hotel near ours. The next itinerary was shopping at the Old Market. I decided that I wanted to relax at the hotel before our Awarding Ceremony at 7PM so I didn’t join the group.

Next post? Food in Siem Reap and Thailand.


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