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8th Santa’s Gifts Bazaar

Yey! We’re on again! This project of mine was temporarily stopped the year I got married and when I gave birth. Naturally, I didn’t have time to organize this. Plus, with lots of improvements in Quezon City Sports Club, finding the spot to hold this has posted a challenge. This year, we’re once again continuing this tradition and on our 8th run, we’re holding Santa’s Gifts Bazaar at the club’s “new” Sun Deck. This event will be parallel to our 1st Gourmet Bites, a food market within Quezon City Sports Club. Club members will get to taste one of a kind pastries and other delectable foods.

Santa’s Gifts Bazaar will run on 2 weekends only – November 24 – 25 and December 15 – 16. The Gourmet Bites Food Market will run all weekends starting November 10 – 11 all the way to December 15 – 16. It’s open to the public so feel free to drop by and shop! Will post the list of participating vendors here soon.

Here’s a quick peek of the bazaar posters which I had done by Souvenirlab.

See you at the bazaars! 🙂


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Simple Life: Surviving Forest Club Part 1

To boost up morale and improve camaraderie amongst the staff, we decided to hold a company outing / team building workshop last Monday. After canvassing from various potential venues, we finally decided on Forest Club in Brgy. Puypuy Laguna. It was a relatively short 2.5 hour drive to the location.

We arrived at around 930AM. This is the whole contingent –

Picture taken with our printed-out banners –



After changing into our survival attire, we were escorted into an area where the group was divided into 2 teams. We decided to name our teams – Team Ba and Team Bog. I belonged to Team Ba. There were 12 activities to be done throughout the day. Game on!


This is the initial warm-up activity –


The first main activity was the canopy walk which was meant to enable you to conquer your fear of heights. One after the other we went up the make shift bamboos and walked the 500meters with one obstacle after the other. There was no turning back as there were a few more people before me. I just had to go forward and not bulk at the heights. With much concentration and tenacity, I overcame my fear and finished the activity in 1 piece.









Looking at the pictures, you wouldn’t think that any of us were scared but trust me, it was pretty high up in the ground.

The next activity was the log crossing. I had good balance before but with the added weight and non-activity when I was pregnant, I don’t think I could do this. I fell and splashed into the muddy water. Non-completion of the task means a 5 minute penalty. Good thing though we had less people in the team fell over versus Team Bog.


Making it half way thru the log

Log wiggled and I eventually fell into the water

Other victims of the log crossing –




The next task was the single line crossing. With a single rope on top and at the bottom, you had to traverse the water without falling. None of us fell into the water with this task!

Half of the team had to traverse from the other side –

Crossing the single line




The last of this group of Survival activities is the bamboo rafting. This is an activity done in pairs. One partner maneuvers the raft while the other balances with a set of balls to be delivered to the other side.


Crossing the river




We won this task hands-down. Our strategy worked to our advantage. We paired a heavier partner with a lighter one while the other group paired those with almost equal weights. However, I have to give it to the effort put in by Jenny and Lippearson as they completed the task despite falling off the raft 3 or 4 times.

Effort immortalized


Having survived the survival games, the next batch of activities were classified as team building activities and trust games. Will post next.

Here is a view of Mount Makiling taken from the bamboo craft lagoon –

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Inspiration: Holiday Giveaways

Personalize everything! These are unique and one-of-a-kind gifts from Souvenirlab.

Holiday Packages

For details of each package, click on the link below.

The Souvenirlab

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The Souvenirlab: Marketing

Saw our banner under the foot bridge of SM Sta. Mesa!

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Halloween Trick or Treat

I have never been one to celebrate or participate in Halloween Trick or Treat. Recently however I have noticed that a lot of parents do use this event to dress up their kids and show off their creative prowess. I am amazed at the talent, creativity and effort they put on. Our company, Souvenirlab, participated in SM’s Halloween Trick or Treat events. In one of our branches, we gave away 4R prints to everyone who came in costume. In another branch, we simply posted their pictures on our Facebook page. The kids look so cute and “scary” in their outfits!

This one is a winner for me! Super scary!

Check out their pictures by clicking on the photos. It will take you to our Facebook page where you can enjoy the hundreds of photos taken!

Proud of my staff for pulling this off! Visit The Souvenirlab at our branches in SM Fairview, SM Bicutan and SM Sta. Mesa.


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