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Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking turkey is a labor of love. It takes 18-24hours to brine and the turkey has to be basted every 30minutes to 1hour. Turkey is one of my favorite dishes. When cooked right, the turkey should be tender and juicy.

Achie invited us to dinner and treated us to this perfectly cooked Turkey. Despite its size, the meat is tender and juicy. She said it took her 17 hours to brine.

Achie carving her prized turkey!

This is our table spread. Designed with a Christmas theme in mind. 🙂

I love the stuffing, made from Kenny Roger’s corn bread and the Potato Au Gratin. Couldn’t stop myself from going for seconds and thirds and fourth servings of the stuffing. It had the right combination of sweetness and saltiness from the bacon and corn bread.

Especially love the cheese platter – Emental, Camembert and Brie. I’m such a cheese person. 🙂

Next year again Achie! 🙂

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