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Simple Eats: The Food Barn

We’re back in the Kapitolyo area! I wanted to try a new one so H suggested The Food Barn. I haven’t been there before but H has and so he knew what to order – Chorizo Pasta with extra garlic sticks, garlic and cheese pizza, fish in bechamel sauce and bread pudding for dessert.

The food was simple but yummy. The garlic sticks weren’t just garlic sticks. Once you reach the middle, oozing cheese flows out. The thin crust pizza was crunchy and well prepared. The chorizo pasta was a standout. It was spicy yet sweet at the same time. The chorizos were home cooked and had the right amount of sweetness for me. Warm and fudgy, the pudding capped off the entire meal. Total bill? Php750. That’s inclusive of a root beer float and a bottomless iced tea (lemongrass or peach).

Interesting to note also is that this is one of those hole in the wall restaurants which put an emphasis on the details. Their utensils are nicely wrapped in napkin and tied. Food presentation was also nice. Look at the pudding. They even added a dusted sugar fork silhouette beside the bread pudding. Also, they gave us free mints that came with the bill.

This is a small hole in the wall restaurant with top notch service and good home cooked food.