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Simple Eats: Filipino Food

Forgot to post pictures of food we devoured at Toni’s Grill last Saturday. Dad was in the middle of interviewing a chef for the restaurant as his 2 lead chefs just walked out and left a few days before. The perils of business are the people we hire. Since the recipes have all been written down, the taste was the same. The new chef cooked a new dish which everyone enjoyed – Pinaputok na Tilapia. It smelled good when the foil was cut open and taste even better than it looks.

Toni’s is in the process of revising their menu. Adding new dishes. Increasing portioning. Reducing the price. The dishes are now more affordable, bigger and tastier.


Crispy Hito Salad
Crispy hito salad

Pinaputok na Tilapia
Pinaputok Na Tilapia @ Toni's Grill

Binusog na Pusit
Binusog Na Pusit

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