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Uniqlo, SM and More

The business section of Philippine Star headlined the news that SM is bringing in Uniqlo to the country. SM seems to be in the process of expanding its fashion line after having successfully brought in Forever 21. I bought a lot of stuff from Uniqlo during my first visit to Japan and have since patronized the store wherever I find one. Similar to Muji, their designs are simple and made of good quality products. I especially love their t-shirts which they’ve collaborated with various graphic design artists. I do hope that with bringing in Uniqlo into the country that Uniqlo would also bring in jobs to our local manufacturers.

Coincidentally, Warren is dressed in a Uniqlo onesie today. This one is courtesy of Ama. I must say that though it looks simple, this onesie is designed pretty well. The wrap is reminiscent of a kimono wrap. 🙂

In Uniqlo Onesie

This is his 2nd wardrobe change today – Mommy’s Best Friend. 🙂

Mommy's Best Friend

Double Chin

I noticed that he has expanded his sounds today. Instead of just crying, he squeals and coos already. We even heard him say “A Ku” today. “A Ku” is the Chinese word that refers to my brother (his uncle). I don’t think he knows what that means though since he hasn’t seen my brother yet. 🙂

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