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My Little Drummer Boy

The little boy who’s not so little any more (sigh!) has taken a liking to musical instruments specially with playing the drums and his xylophones. Aside from enrolling him in his regular everyday classes, I’ve supplemented his learning with once a week classes in Kindermusik. This Month’s topic is about Go and Move, moving with the rhythm of various musical instruments as well as expressing their feelings through body movements.

What has your little one been up to? How do you develop their potential talents?

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Warren Turns 2!

Warren turned 2 last Wednesday. Hubby and I decided to just celebrate it at home with a few friends and family. Saving up for another trip to Disneyland with the little one so no big fancy birthday celebration. Plus, we thought that if we’re celebrating when he’s 2, it would be very impractical. Nonetheless, I had to decorate the place a little.

Since Warren is into Minions now with the latest movie and phone app, I decided to make that his party theme. I passed by Dom’s Party Shop along Tomas Morato and found 3 perfect minions to put around our house. Also had a photo wall printed from our shop. Bought a few balloons and put them around the place.


The photo wall was such a huge hit with the kiddo. He kept on posing for the camera standing in front of the photo wall. Even dragged a chair to sit on and posed for the cameras again. Here are a few pictures of him.






Of course no party will be complete without food! So, worked my magic and produced these food. Ordered Royal Mango Salad (Php495) and Chicken Pastel (Php990) from Conti’s. Ordered Fresh Lumpia and Fish Florentine from QCSC. Crab Sotanghon and Shrimps were courtesy of my dad. Also had Chicken Rice from Stevie’s.


Lastly, had a Minion cake (Php900) and cupcakes (Php40 each) made. It was so last minute! Good thing my friend was able to get his sister to agree. It tastes as good as it looks! The non-minion cake was provided by my Guama and aunts.




Happy Birthday Kiddo! Mom and Dad love you! 🙂


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Sweets Anyone?

Do you allow your kids to eat sweets? Doughnuts in particular? The kiddo had his first taste of doughnuts last week and since then, every time we pass by a Krispy Kreme stall / shop, he’d identify and point to it.

What are your thoughts on this?



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Happiness comes in small packages. Lucky to be able to bring the kiddo to school on a regular basis.


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Milestone: Warren in School

Thought I’d share a few pictures of Warren during his first few days in school. We decided to enroll him in an infant school already. He started class last July 1. He attends school everyday for 1hr each. I was greatly surprised to find out that he is the oldest in their class of 6 (he’s now almost 1yr 10mos.). The youngest classmate is only 1yr 2mos old! Enrolling him previously in play classes like Kindermusik or Gymboree class has helped in how he interacts with his peers as well as how he managed and behaves in class. Needless to say, snack time is his favorite class (Haha!). I’m actually the one that had to adjust as I’ve had to wake up by 7am already so we can leave the house by 8am for his 9am class (yawn yawn!).

Despite the class being short, they’ve managed to squeeze in a few modules – days of the week, parts of the body, craft session, snack time, story telling and hello/goodbye songs.





One of our decision point was whether Warren was too young for class. However, we decided to enroll him so at least he has a daily routine as well as get to interact with other kids instead of just spending his whole day at home. The class costs quite a bit. We paid Php12k for the first month which can be deducted from the Php80k-Php90k annual fee if we decide to push through. Good thing we’ve saved up for it already last year.


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The Week in Review

I can’t believe it! It’s already May! 4 months have gone in 2013. I’ve been hustling and bustling month after month which explains the lack of more frequent posts. I still haven’t written about our Japan trip and here comes our Mediterranean Cruise trip which I still have to blog about. Anyhow, it’s 935PM now and I’m still on the road on my way home. Thank God for my Smart Mobile Wifi stick. Thought I’d do a picture dump of what I’ve been doing since May 1.

1. Kindermusik Festival
I’ve enrolled Warren in Kindermusik to hopefully encourage him to start talking but more so that he gets to interact with other kids also. Its been great so far. Teacher Jeannie and company have been so hands-on with each kid. Last May 1, they did a big celebration for all their students. The event was held at The Glass Garden. We participated as a group for Prulife and also participated as an attendee with Warren.
Promoting Prulife at today's Kindermusik event #prulife #kindermusik #work #simplebundlesofjoy
Warren and daddy at Kindermusik Festival #milestone #warren #kindermusik
Spending quality time with Warren ... Priceless! Nice stay-cation #milestone #warren #simplelife

2. Baba’s Birthday
Last weekend, we attended Baba’s birthday party. It was the kiddo’s first time to eat Chicken Joy.
We're at Baba's birthday party! #party #birthday
The pretty baby girl in her fairy costume complete with green wings and tutu #birthday #party #warren
Checking out his merienda at Baba's party #warren #party #jollibee
Eating Jollibee fried chicken #jollibee #warren

3. Wildflour Cafe
Have tried taking out their pastries but haven’t really eaten at this Cafe. Found that their Podium branch just opened and we decided to give it a try. Loved their Bacon Torte (Pizza with pastry crust). Their Parmesan churros was interesting.
Bacon Torte (caramelized onions) #instaplace #instaplaceapp #instagood #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #instacool #instapic #picture #pic @instaplaceapp #place #earth #world  #philippines #mandaluyongcity #wildflourcafe #food #fo

4. The Shanghai Sharks
Yao Ming’s team was in Manila and played The Smart Gilas and The PBA All Star Team. We got to watch the PBA All Star game live. Since the Sharks had a courtesy lunch sponsored by the mayor of Quezon City at Quezon City Sports Club, the Kiddo got to meet the whole team in person and up close. Thought he kinda upstaged the players that morning.
Warren: He's still taller than us daddy! #shanghaisharks #warren #allforthekid
Warren with the Shanghai Sharks. Guess who's the star of the show? #shanghaisharks #warren #allforthekid
Nice way to end the day by watching the PBA All Stars vs Shanghai Sharks

5. TWG
Lunch today was at TWG. Tried their Roasted Apricot Cod and Creme Brulee Tea. Good 1.5 hours of ME time which has been lacking for some time now.
Dining alone has its perks. Roasted Apricot Cod ...
Me Time at #TWG #instaplace #instaplaceapp #instagood #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #instadaily #photo #instacool #instapic #picture #pic @instaplaceapp #place #earth #world  #philippines #makaticity  #day

How has your May been so far?


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Warren Update: 1st Quarter of 2013

Thought I’d share a few pictures of Warren. He’s growing up pretty fast! Still isn’t talking yet though he does run pretty fast already. We were becoming worried when he wasn’t walking when he turned a year old. He eventually did come around to it and has since been hard to catch and keep him steady in one place.
He enjoys watching Barney and Backyardigans
At daddy’s office
Cheering for daddy
Getting ready for his first day of Kindermusik class. Yes! Enrolled him with the hopes that he’ll start talking and to have him interact with kids his age.
Enjoying the wagon ride with new found friends
Bubbles everywhere, bubbles everywhere
One of Warren’s Food Favorites: Bread
Strolling around BGC with dad. Both my boys in red shorts.
Finally, a picture of me and Warren.


Enjoy the pictures!