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Trip + Floods + 2 Weddings + Funeral

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Thought I’d do a quick post today.

The past week has been marred with panic because of Typhoon Gener and another possibility of Ondoy flooding. My parent’s house once again got flooded though it was not as bad as Ondoy. Ondoy had the house flooded up to the 7th step of the first floor stairs while Gener had the house flooded till almost the 2nd step only. Unfortunately, some stocks still got damaged though it wasn’t as much as Ondoy where more than 50% got cleaned out of our balance sheets. This time around we had insurance which was something we didn’t have last time. Let’s see how this insurance process goes then. Unlike last time though, my brother and I weren’t here to help bring the stuff up.

Guangzhou was a short 5 day trip. We left Monday evening and flew back Friday midnight. Upon arriving Saturday, I had to look for a dress to wear to Sunday’s wedding. I didn’t find any in Shrangri-la and so I had to scramble to Rockwell on a Sunday morning to look for a dress. Of course, it wasn’t just one dress I bought. I managed to snag 4 clothing in Rockwell (2 from Dorothy Perkins and 2 from Mosaic). Mosaic is the latest store I’ve been loving so far. Have bought quite a few pieces from them already. Will try to take a photo of the dresses / clothes and post here later.

Sunday went by in a while having to attend 2 weddings – Bombi & Apps and John & Val’s. Both lovely and well planned wedding. This was my first time attending a Christian wedding and I loved the solemnity and how personal it was. The ceremony lasted for an hour and half but it was all worthwhile. The vows the couple made to each other, their parents, and to God was tear wrenching. Excited to post pictures soon!

My hubby’s beloved Atsimpo passed away recently. She was cremated in the US and her ashes brought to Manila last Friday. I attended her wake last Monday and her funeral yesterday. This was also my first time to attend a funeral and to enter the Chinese Cemetery. I wasn’t able to do so during my Grandma’s funeral because I just gave birth at that time.

The whole week has been a constant reminder to renew my faith in God. The faith that the couple had in God to provide them with good weather for their garden wedding. The infinite love of God to us. His promise of salvation.


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